Bulldog Runners Compete in Bozeman

The final race before the state meet was run this morning in Bozeman at the Cottonwood Hills Golf Course.  It consisted of just two varsity races and the teams looked solid.  It was a great test before state to see where our fitness is.

Ladd Hutchinson led the Bulldogs with a very impressive 12th place finish. Senior Ryan Tomich and freshman Camden Houchin had another strong performance.  Kaden Hennessey and Levi Wiltsie completed the scoring 5 for Butte High.

Because it was a combined varsity and junior varsity event, the boy’s race had over 100 runners.

Cohen Grunhuvd, Lincoln Zell and Max Dawson completed another steady run.

Boys Final Results

Coach Wadas said, “The intent today was to run hard, focus on racing, and establish the top 9 runners we’re taking to the state meet in Missoula next weekend.”

For some of the guys and girls, this was the last race of the year.

Girls Final Results

On the girls side, Butte High was lead by Lexa Thompson and Alex Kovnesky.  Rounding out our scoring five were Samantha Smith, Octavia Breeton, and Olivia Thurmond.  Arika Dolence, Kayleen Noctor, and Lorna Hunter also competed.