Brandon Lyons tops field at Butte City Shoot

Don’t let Brandon Lyons’ age fool you.

The junior shooter earned the title of city champion Thursday night by winning the annual City Shoot at the Butte Trap Club.

Lyons broke 98 out of 100 targets to win the title. He will now represent the Butte Trap Club in the Champion of Champions event held at the Montana State Shoot next month in Billings.

Terry Barkell won the Class AA title with a score of 97. Chrystal White was the top female shooter by breaking 80 out of 100 targets. Garrett St. Clair won the Junior Trophy, while Larry St. Clair claimed the League Champion Trophy.


 Champion         Brandon Lyons                  98×100

Class AA Terry Barkell                     97×100

Class A            Dana Miller                       94×100

Class B            Ray Brandl                        82×100

Class C            Phil Davis                          89×100

Junior               Garrett St. Clair                 73×100

Lady                 Crystal White          80×100

League Shooters

 League Champ Larry St.  Clair         96×100  23 s.o.

Class A            Lane St. Clair          95×100  49×50 s.o.

over                  Jason Cartin           95×100  48×50 s.o.

Class B            John MacMillan       94×100

Class C            Jayson Kress          81×100