Bozeman shooter wins Super Handicap

Fifty shooters competed at the Butte Trap Club’s Annual Super Handicap shoot last weekend. More than 18,000 clay targets were thrown during the event, which drew participants from Montana and Idaho.

Tom Kuka of Bozeman claimed the HOA Champion trophy with a 568×600 score.  Kuka was also the Champion in the Saturday Singles category with a perfect 100×100 mark and 25 carry over targets.

Lyle Neiss of Polson won the doubles championship on Saturday with a 97×100 score edging out Butte’s Ron Lyons (Class B) and Plains shooter Dave Paske (Class A) by one target.

Justin Palin of Hamilton grabbed the handicap championship on Sunday with a 192×200 after Brian Lents opted to forfeit and take the runner-up trophy.

Palin also won the “300” Trophy with his 284×300 combined handicap scores.  He edged out Polson’s Dale Kinyon in the shootoff after breaking 25 extras.

Kohlten Fultz of Butte.

Other Butte shooters earning trophies included; Ray Brandl claiming the 4th place trophy in Saturday’s handicap event with a 95×100 score.  Jake Taverna won the Class B singles trophies both days.  Kevin Zimpel won the Singles Class D trophy on Saturday and Kohlten Fultz won Sunday’s 4th place trophy in the handicap event.  Also, Jeff Ault  claimed the New Shooter trophy in the Sunday’s singles event and Tim Cassidy won the Singles Champion trophy in that event.

Here are all of the results:

Doubles – 18 Entries

Champion          Lyle Neiss                 Polson                       97×100

Class A               Dave Paske              Plains                         96×100

Class B               Ron Lyons                Butte                           96×100

Class C              Ray Cullinane          Challis, ID                 87×100

Sat. Singles – 28 Entries

Champion          Tom Kuka                  Bozeman                   100×100 25 co

Class A               Justin Palin               Hamilton                    100×100 24 co

Class B               Jake Taverna            Butte                           99×100

Class C              Dale Kinyon              Polson                       98×100

Class D              Kevin Zimpel                        Butte                           94×100

Junior                 Logan McMillan       Helena                       92×100

Veteran              Brian Lents               Great Falls                 99×100

Lady                    Tonya Kent               Manhattan                 95×100

Handicap – 32 Entries

Champion          Dale Kinyon              Polson                       97×100

Runner-Up        Jim Burman              Great Falls                 96×100 23 c.o.

3rd Place            Aaron Brown                        Plains                         96×100 20 c.o.

4th Place            Ray Brandl                Butte                           95×100

Sunday Singles – 26 Entries

Champion          Tim Cassidy              Butte                           99×100 50 s.o.

Class A               Mark Hanson                        Missoula                    99×100 49 s.o.

over                     Tom Kuka                   Bozeman                     99×100 forfeit

Class B               Jake Taverna            Butte                           97×100

Class C              Dale Kinyon              Polson                       90×100

Class D              Larry Goodson          Idaho Falls                91×100

over                     Charles Brook                                                 91×100 forfeit

New Shooter     Jeff Ault                     Butte                           88×100

Veteran              Brian Lents               Great Falls                 98×100

Lady                    Tonya Kent               Manhattan                 95×100

Handicap – 39 Entries

Champion          Justin Palin               Hamilton                    192×200

Runner-Up        Brian Lents               Great Falls                 192×200 forfeit

3rd Place            Jerry Tabacco           Great Falls                 190×200 24 s.o.

4th Place            Kohlten Fultz                        Butte                           190×200 23 s.o.

300 Champion Trophy

Justin Palin                   Hamilton                    284×300

HOA Trophy

Tom Kuka                      Bozeman                   568×600

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