Billings golfers sweep Butte Invitational tourney titles

FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS — The Billings Skyview boys cut 13 strokes Saturday off of their Friday total and won the Butte Invitational high school golf tournament held over the weekend on the Fairmont Hot Springs resort course.
Billings Senior won the girls’ team title and Bella Johnson of Billings West was the individual winner with a 152, eight shots ahead of runner-up Kenzie Walsh of Billings Senior.
Skyview’s Tye Boone shot a 5-over-par 149 total to take individual boys’ honors by three shots over Falcon teammates Isaac Mosser and Logan Connolly, both scoring 152s. Mosser was the first-day leader with a 74, two shots ahead of Boone, who came back on Saturday with a 1-over 73.
The Falcons were plus-45 for the tourney while Bozeman High placed second at plus-70 and Billings West was third at plus-72. Butte High was plus-91 and Butte Central plus-167.
Butte High’s Brenner Booth tied with Reid Wilkinson of Bozeman High with a 163 for 12th place. Chase Choquette was next-low for the Bulldogs with a 164. Other Butte High totals were Gavin Roesti, 174; Alex Jorgensen, 175; and Zach Sawyer, 177.
Will McGree was Butte Central’s low golfer, tying for 23rd place with a 175 score. Parker Robertson shot 182, Tanner Robertson 192, Cade Kelly 200 and Beau McGree 203.
The Butte High girls placed sixth in their division. The Bulldogs were led by Kate DeShaw with a 197 for 15th place. Taylor Sullivan shot 219, Chelsi Lyons 221, Gussey Lean 230 and Keeley Johnston 243.
Boys’ team standings – Billings Skyview plus-45, Bozeman High plus-70, Billings West plus-72, Bozeman Gallatin plus-84, Butte High plus-91, Great Falls C.M. Russell plus-122, Billings Senior plus-129, Dillon plus-158, Great Falls High plus-161, Butte Central plus-167.
Low 50 boys’ scores – Tye Boone, Skyview, 76-73—149, Isaac Mosser, Skyview, 74-78—152, Logan Connolly, Skyview, 81-71—152, Brek Strobel, Billings West, 78-79—157, Zander Brester, Billings West, 79-80—159, Logan Lynch, Bozeman High, 77-83—160, Cobe Sacry, Bozeman Gallatin, 81-79—160, Finn Chumbler, Bozeman Gallatin, 83-78—161, Cooper Bourret, Bozeman High, 84-77—161, Jackson Eckley, Billings Senior, 85-76—161, Jack McKee, Bozeman High, 83-79—162, Reid Wilkinson, Bozeman High, 81-82—163, Brenner Booth, Butte High, 82-81—163, Chase Choquette, Butte High, 79-85—164, James Pinski, Great Falls CMR, 83-81—164, Toby Dinges, Bozeman Gallatin, 83-84—167, Cole Lozier, Billings West, 85-83—168, Connor Droogsma, Skyview, 86-82—168, Ryder Paulsen, Billings West, 91-80—171, Michael Perkins, Great Falls High, 89-83—172, Gavin Roesti, Butte High, 81-93—174, Hayden Visser, Billings West, 84-90—174, Ryan Dailey, Bozeman Gallatin, 82-93—175, Caiden Pershing, Bozeman High, 85-90—175, Will McGree, Butte Central, 88-87—175, Alex Jorgensen, Butte High, 90-85—175, Jack Pinski, Great Falls CMR, 86-90—176, Benson Lauermann, Bozeman Gallatin, 86-90—176, Kyle Jones, Dillon, 91-85—176, Mark Sondergaard, Great Falls CMR, 92-84—176, Zach Sawyer, Butte High, 93-84—177, Brady Bechtold, Billings Senior, 87-92—179, Braxtyn Turney, Dillon, 91-90—181, Parker Robertson, Butte Central, 84-98—182, Jackson Hageman, Great Falls CMR, 93-90—183, Lukas Sullivan, Billings Senior, 93-91—184, Keaton Miller, Skyview, 94-90—184, Timmy Lien, Billings Senior, 87-98—185, Landon Donnelly, Great Falls High, 94-91—185, Carson Fluckiger, Dillon, 97-89—186, Eric Bell, Great Falls High, 98-91—189, A.J. Wells, Great Falls CMR, 101-89—190, Tanner Robertson, Butte Central, 92-100—192, David McPherson, Billings Senior, 98-94—192, Ethan McCurdy, Great Falls High, 102-90—192, Trap Christensen, Dillon, 94-101—195, Zach Maki, Dillon, 101-97—198, Cade Kelly, Butte Central, 105-95—200, Connor Sturges, Great Falls High, 101-99—200, Beau McGree, Butte Central, 99-104—203.
Girls’ team standings – Billings Senior plus-119, Billings West plus-172, Bozeman Gallatin plus-185, Bozeman High plus-233, Great Falls C.M. Russell plus-254, Butte High plus-291, Dillon plus-292, Billings Skyview plus-310, Great Falls High plus-331.
Low 45 girls’ scores – Bella Johnson, Billings West, 76-76—152, Kenzie Walsh, Billings Senior, 78-82—160, Becca Washington, Billings Senior, 88-83—171, Addison Bleile, Bozeman Gallatin, 90-84—174, Kira Connell, Bozeman High 87-88—175, Moe Kobold, Billings Senior, 89-92—181, Lauren Mayala, Billings Senior, 90-83—183, Avery Wright, Billings Senior, 90-94—184, Hanna Boyd, Great Falls High, 94-91—185, Ryann Walker, Great Falls CMR, 93-95—188, Mielle Kavran, Billings West, 95-96—191, Kiah Holmes-Morrissey, Bozeman Gallatin, 97-95—192, Alison Shenk, Billings West, 95-100—195, Wrigley Loucks, Bozeman Gallatin, 91-106—197, Kate DeShaw, Butte High, 103-94—197, Sophie Stark, Bozeman Gallatin, 105-94—199, Tatum Nagle, Dillon, 104-100—204, Madison Hixson, Great Falls CMR, 106-98—204, Arianna Vaughn, Bozeman High, 101-106—207, Alex Miller, Skyview, 104-106—210, Ryane Viker, Billings
West, 111-99—210, Heidi Huber, Bozeman High, 108-103—211, Hannah Bowcott, Bozeman Gallatin, 106-105—211, Skylar LaPierre, Dillon, 93-118-211, Kennadie Peterman, Skyview, 106-107—213, Annika Swandal, Bozeman High, 108-108—216, Quincy Weymouth, 109-107—216, Taylor Sullivan, Butte High, 111-108—219, Chelsi Lyons, Butte High, 117-104—221, Danica Lewis, Great Falls CMR, 110-113-223, Taylor Thompson, Great Falls CMR, 109-116—225, Briley Alberi, Dillon, 112-113—225, Adison Tolle, Skyview, 115-113—228, Kira Kemph, Dillon, 116-112—228, Grace Woldvedt, Great Falls High, 113-115—228, Gussey Lean, Butte High, 115-115—230, Hope Johnson, Butte High, 118-116-234, Emma Greenwell, Skyview, 117-121—238, Emily Meyers, Billings West, 115-123—238, Ellery Bolte-Geurechit, Skyview, 114-125—239, Keeley Johnston, Butte High, 119-124—243, Madi Timmons, Great Falls High, 120-127—247, Neva Clark, Great Falls High, 127-120—247, Callie Criss, Great Falls High, 132-127—259, Reine McCoy, Dillon, 136-137—273.

— compiled by Bruce Sayler for