Beers steps down as Rocky AD

BILLINGS — Robert Beers resigned as athletic director at Rocky Mountain College today, The Billings Gazette reports.

The resignation is effective immediately.

Beers, a Butte native and son of long-time football coach Bob Beers, is stepping down just two days after hiring Wes Keller as the head coach of the women’s basketball program.

The 41-year-old Beers took over as AD at Rocky in early 2009 and has seen success in virtually every program since.

Beers told Bill Bighaus of the Gazette that he lost his passion.

“I owe it to (Rocky) to have the opportunity to get somebody in here that was me five years ago — somebody that wants to continue to build and continue to make progress,” Beers told the Gazette. “This isn’t one of those things where you can rest on your laurels. Athletics isn’t built that way. I just don’t think, at the end of the day, it’s fair to hold a job just to hold a job.”

Beers, whose father coached Butte Central’s football team from 1974 through 1976, grew up on Granite Street and attended McKinley Elementary School.