Be competitive and encouraging not demeaning and disruptive

Sports are meant to be competitive without it there would be no reason to play sports or attend them live in person or spend your hard earned money to travel across the country to support that said team. But there comes a point when that competitive nature as a fan in the stands needs to have a line drawn, especially in youth and high school sporting events.

We want to give a huge shout out to Travis Johnson, last night at the girls game there was a heckler across the other side of the court; yelling, reffing, and coaching from the stands. Travis stepped in and asked him to leave, after much to much of this has gone on lately.

We watched it go down and want to thank Travis for his unwavering professionalism and demeanor for standing up for our student athletes, refs, and coaches there is absolutely no need or room for that in youth sports.

Good on ya Travis! Sports are supposed to bring us together, not divide. Show up, be loud, and cheer for your team but please never be negative towards players on the court, coaches on the sideline, and most importantly the people who dawn the zebra stripes.

We all remember what it was like without sports during covid, and the same thing will happen again if we are not careful, but instead of a pandemic it will be because programs can’t field players, no one will want to coach because there is always someone better in the stands, and certainly there is already a referee shortage let’s not make it worse.

Instead embrace it for what it is after all your kids won’t be kids and teens forever, these days come and go in the blink of an eye, if you want to yell and scream at coaches then apply to be an assistant, if you’ve called that travel and carry for 14 years as a ref dig the stripes out of the closet again and you go be the one out there making sure these athletes get to play in front of a fanbase.

Thank you to Travis and the school district for not just noticing this but taking action, Butte’s student athletes and coaches are lucky to have a guy like you in their corner.



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