BC’s Brian McGeehan places 14th at Western A Divisional

POLSON — Butte Central sophomore cross country runner Brian McGeehan placed 14th at the Western A Divisional meet Saturday.

The top 15 runners earn All-Conference recognition.

McGeehan finished the 3-mile race in 16 minutes, 42 seconds in the final tune up before next week’s State meet in Great Falls. That was a career-best time for McGeehan.

Cameron Meikle of Hamilton won the boys’ race in 15:18. Ronald Venema of Corvallis was second in 15:32, followed by Hunter Casey of Stevensville at 16:50.

Also for the Maroons, Theron Nelson ran his best time of the season, placing 46th in 18:52. Zach Carlson took 49th in 19:12, while Nathan Ortega ran a career-best 19:55 and placed 54th. Ian Campbell took 58th in 20:29.

Nine teams from the Northwestern A and Southwestern A competed in the “Super Divisional.”

Corvallis won the team title with 32 points. Frenchtown was next at 76, while Hamilton took third at 96.

The Blue Devils also won the girl’s team title, scoring 56 points. Whitefish was next at 57, followed by Polson at 65.

Hamilton’s Jaycie Schmalz won the team title in 18:15. Barrett Gray of Whitefish placed second at 18:57.

BC’s Abby McGee placed 39th with a time of 22:50.

All six BC runners will head to State next week.

Team Totals

Corvallis 32, Frenchtown 76, Hamilton 96, Whitefish 139, Columbia Falls 145, Polson 147, Dillon 159, Stevensville 200, Butte Central 221
Top 25
Cameron Meikle, Ham                     15:18.85
Ronald Venema, Cor                         15:32.36
Hunter Casey, Stevi                          16:05.92
Carson Jessop, Cor                            16:12.43
Sage Wanner, CF                              16:14.08
Josh Jessop, Cor                                16:21.98
Jaiden Rowe, Fre                               16:27.22
Brock Rugg, Fre                                16:32.29
Andrew Jessop, Cor                          16:33.17
Matt Wilson, Ham                            16:33.98
Joel Haas, Cor                                   16:35.20
Spencer Jessop, Cor                          16:39.70
Ethan Potthoff, Whi                          16:42.14
Brian McGeehan, Butte Central       16:42.89
Sam Telling, Dil                               16:44.90
Steven Banks Hamilton                    17:00.91
Jake Jessop, Cor                                17:05.30
Frank Dean, Fre                                17:13.55
Ethan Lannaghan, Whi                     17:16.32
Casey Jones, Fre                               17:19.52
Bryer Anderson, Dil                          17:19.79
Quin Stewart, Pol                              17:20.24
Joren Nabozney, Fre                         17:21.01
Michael Sewell, Fre                          17:22.81
Ransom Bowman, Dil                       17:28.22

Team Totals

Corvallis 56, Whitefish 57, Polson 65, Hamilton 100, Columbia Falls 120, Dillon 128, Frenchtown 163, Stevensville 189
Top 25
Jaycie Schmalz, Ham                        18:15.47
Barrett Gray, Whi                             18:57.84
Ryan Harrop, Pol                              19:35.58
Malia Seeley, Pol                              19:39.49
Albany Jessop, Cor                           19:48.84
Sarah Perez, Whi                              19:53.38
Molly Sitter, Pol                               19:58.56
Lynn Reynoso, Cor                           19:59.02
Braya Hobson, Whi                           20:07.03
Grace Kaufman, Cor                         20:32.23
Laurel Davidson, Whi                       20:32.84
Lizzy Mattson, Fre                            20:38.23
Genevieve Delorme, CF                   20:38.68
Keelie Obrien, Ham                          20:51.08
Raina Crowell, CF                            20:51.50
Julia Hickey, Cor                              21:01.42
Heidi Nisly, Cor                                21:06.28
Harleigh Johnson, Dil                       21:09.71
Heidi Lykins, Stevi                           21:10.69
Quinn Motichka, Pol                         21:12.02
Erica Lykins, Stevi                           21:16.08
Chloe Keller, Dil                               21:20.59
Becca Parker, Ham                           21:25.35
Raychel Hoerner, CF                        21:25.46
Sarah Griffin, Dil                              21:30.98

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