BC tennis splits with Bozeman JV teams

BOZEMAN — The Butte Central girls’ tennis team knocked off Bozeman’s junior varsity team 8-3 Thursday afternoon.

The Bozeman JV boys edged BC 7-6 on a day that saw the Maroons get court time for the entire BC roster.

“I saw a lot of good play from our kids today,” BC coach Becky Hancock said. “My doubles boys and girls had a strong showing today, and our singles players played tough.”

Sarah Drew, Regan Weldon, Shea Davis and Prestynn Weldon picked up singles victories for the BC girls.

The Maroons won all four doubles matches against the Bozeman JV. Kellsie Quinn and Ali Guldseth won at No. 1, while Sierra Pica and Ryan Trudnowski picked up a win at No. 2, Larysa Blavatsky and Samantha Burton were victories at No. 3, and Emily St. John and Tricia Joyce won at No. 4.

On the boys’ side, Cal Hollow, Tyge Yelenich and Jeonghoon Lim all picked up wins.

“It was good to get my newcomers some competition,” Hancock said. “Jeonghoon Lim played in his first tennis match today coming away with a great win, he played great. It was a nice day to get all of our kids out there playing.”

BC grabbed three wins in doubles. Sam Sterns and Cameron Johnson won at No. 1, Sam Johnston and Aidan Petritz won at No. 2, and Shane Callahan and Colby Kline won at No. 3.

The Maroons are back on the court Friday when they’ll take on Corvallis at 11 a.m. at Father Sheehan Park. The Southwestern matches are a makeup of last week’s rainout.

Butte Central 8, Bozeman JV 3

Sarah Drew, BC, def. Ashley Lyons 9-8 (7-4)
Ellie Zillis, Bozeman, def. Zoe Sullivan 8-3
Ellie Jackson, Bozeman, def. Megan McPherson 8-2
Bree Luther, Bozeman, def. Savannah Healy 9-8 (7-3)
Regan Weldon, BC, def. Aspen Pitcher 8-1
Shea Davis, BC, def. Laura Tuninga 9-8 (14-12)
Prestynn Weldon def. Erika Carroll 8-3

Kellsie Quinn/Ali Guldseth, BC, def. Alice Herzia/Emily Stenberg 8-2
Sierra Pica/Ryan Trudnowski, BC, def. Keely Lindgren/Candy Mijures, 8-0
Larysa Blavatsky/Samantha Burton, BC, def. Rosemarie Mukwa/Izzy Lauman 8-6
Emily St. John/Tricia Joyce, BC, def. Elsa Hergan/Ellie Zillis 8-3

Bozeman JV 7, Butte Central 6

Tala Rogers, Bozeman, def. Sam Joyce 8-3
Cal Hollow, BC, def. Payne Annala 8-6
Tyge Yelenich, BC, def. Cooper Anderson 8-1
Jacob Brown, Bozeman, def. Zach Luebeck 8-0
Ben Jorgensen, Bozeman, def. Jake McPherson 8-6
Haydon Breck, Bozeman, def. Seth Gardner 8-0
JJ Russell, Bozeman, def. Colter Stillwagon 8-1
Gavin Gentry, Bozeman, def. Kaden Sehulster 8-0
Jeonghoon Lim, BC, def. Jesse Madain 8-0
Sam Sterns/Cameron Johnson, BC, def. Fin Wimberly/Leon Uebelhoer 8-3
Sam Johnston/Aidan Petritz, BC, def. Chase Deopsomer/Daniel Gao 8-0
Shane Callahan/Colby Kline, BC, def. Jacob Hofer/Jens Borrman 8-5
Jacob Brown/Cooper Anderson, Bozeman, def. Tash Lester/Noah McGee 8-4

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