BC tennis seizes opportunity in Bozeman

BOZEMAN — Butte Central’s tennis players got in some serious court time Thursday.

Playing mostly doubles, the Maroons played a total of 37 matches against the Bozeman junior varsity team. The BC boys outscored the Hawks 19-6, while the girls tied 6-all.

BC coach Bernie Carey said he was particularly pleased with his girls.

“It was extremely nice to see all of our girls have fun and get some wins under their belts today,” the coach said. “Hopefully it will be a big confidence booster for the future.  I’m very proud of their performance.”

On the boys’ side, Carey mixed and matched his varsity players with junior varsity players.

“This allowed the JV athletes to get some on-the-court instruction from our veteran players and most importantly some awesome experience,” Carey said. “It also reinforced the importance of communication with our Varsity athletes. Overall, I’m glad the experiment worked. I think all the boys had a great time with it.”

The Maroons play Hamilton and Stevensville at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday at Father Sheehan Park in Butte.


Chienlun Weng, BC, def. Dylan Pine 8-6. Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Ross Bankaw 8-1. Sean Henry, Bozeman, def. Jesse Reinke 8-4.
Frank Joyce/Jim Joyce, BC, def. Patrick White/Tuk Vaughan 8-4. Koten Lamiaux/Kaden Peeples, BC, def. Tevis Vitale/Kyle Powel 8-4. Patrick Kenney/Tyler Trudnowski, BC, def. Ross Gabkow/Daniel Yoan 8-0. Derek Ralph/Northey Tretheway,  BC, Def Sean Henry Van Dyces/Garrett Walters. Kale Guldseth/Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Alex Tseng/Mathew Curry 8-3. Jesse Reinke/Frank Hendrickson, BC, def. Clark Copeland/Mason Allen 8-2. Devin Maloughney/Chance Standish, BC, def. Keaton Hanman/David Kletter. Frank Joyce/Sam Joyce, BC, def. Patrick White/Kyle Powell 8-6. Tevis Viatle/Tuk Vaughan, Bozeman, def. Jim Joyce/Sam Sterns 8-0. Kolten Lamiaux/Duane Gullick, BC, def. Mathew Curry/David Kletter 8-2. Kaden Peeples/Brant Ahlborn, BC, def. Mason Allen?Garrett Walters 8-2. Kale Guldseth/Frank Hendrickson, BC, def. Mson Allen/Garrett Walters 8-2. Patrick Kenney/Chance Standish, BC, def. Clark Copeland/Sean Henry Van Dykes. Tuk Vaghan/Kyle Powell, Bozeman, def. DTyler Trudnowski/Devin Maloughney 8-5. Frank Joyce/Chance Standish, BC, def. Patrick White/Ross Bankow 8-7 (7-5). Jim Joyce/Devin Maloughney, BC, def. Kyle Powell/Tuk Vaughan 8-4. Drek Ralph/Chienlun Wegn, BC, def. Tevis Vitale/Daniel Yoan 8-5. Kale Guldseth/Frank Hendrickson, BC, def. Dylan Pine/Mathew Curry. Garrett Walters/Clark Copeland 8-4. Kaden Peeples/Sam Sterns, BC, def. Mason Allen/Keaton Harmon 8-4. Tyler Trudnowski/Brant Ahlborn, BC, def. Mathew Curry/David Kletter 8-1.

(Bozeman last names not available)
Veronika S., Bozeman, def. Yi Chin Lee 8-1. Helena, Bozeman, def. Kellsie Quinn 8-2. Sarah Drew, BC, def. Rebecca 8-4.
Eliza/Erin, Bozeman, def. Sarah Drew/Nici Rosencrans 8-0. Emily J./Rachel def. Ali Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn 8-1. Meaghan/Katie B., Bozeman, def. Yi Chin Lee/Nici Rosencrans 8-7(1). Ali Guldseth/Sarah Drew, BC, def. Ashley M./Aspen 8-2. Ali Guldseth/Nici Rosencrans, BC, def. Ashley R./Nikoleta 8-1. Yi Chin Lee/Kellsie Quinn, BC, def. Sydney/Kate 8-1. Kellsie Quinn/Nici Rosencrans, BC, def. Christina/Veronika T. 8-4. Beronica/Helena, Bozeman, def. Sarah Drew/Yi Chin Lee 8-1. Ali Guldseth/Yi Chin Lee, BC, def. Emily K./Kate B. 8-6.