BC reveals the first of it’s kind, Gatorade Player of the Year Banner

Dougie Peoples, Butte Central’s basketball legend, was celebrated in a heartwarming ceremony last night at the Maroon Activities Center in Butte. The event marked the unfurling of his Gatorade Player of the Year banner, a fitting tribute to his exceptional talent and character.

Maroon Dougie Peoples gets off a shot over Livingston’s River Smith (10) and Wilson Saile. (Butte Sports photo)

As the all-time leading scorer for Butte boys’ basketball, Dougie’s impact on the court is undeniable. However, it was his former coach, Brodie Kelly, who highlighted the depth of Dougie’s greatness. In his tribute, Coach Kelly emphasized that Dougie’s recognition as Gatorade Player of the Year went beyond mere statistics. It encompassed his character, his academic achievements, and his dedication to community service.

Usually a prestigious award such as this is honored at a home basketball game either before tip or during half time, but with Dougies busy schedule at College of Idaho where he is now a red shirt freshman the stars just didn’t align for him to make it back for a game.

One of the defining moments in Dougie’s illustrious career was his unforgettable clutch shot that propelled the Maroons to a state championship at the historic Adams Center in Missoula. This pivotal moment not only secured a triumph for Butte Central but also etched Dougie’s name in the annals of Class A history.

Undoubtedly, Dougie Peoples has earned and rightfully deserves this esteemed recognition. His unwavering commitment to excellence, both on and off the basketball court, exemplifies the true spirit of a Maroon.



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