BC boys stay perfect at Fergus Invite

LEWISTOWN — The Butte Central boys’ tennis team continued one of the best seasons in school history Saturday by going 4-0 at the Fergus Invitational.

The Maroons beat Anaconda 6-1, Dillon 4-0 and Havre 5-2 and 5-2. The BC girls went 0-4, falling 3-0 to Anaconda, Dillon and two times to Havre.

Kale Guldseth, Northey Tretheway, Derek Ralph and Jack Gallagher all had a big day playing singles for the Maroons. BC coach Bernie Carey said the same could be true for the doubles teams of Patrick Kenney and Tyler Trudnowsky, Jim and Frank Joyce, and Kolten LaMiaux and Kaden Peeples.

“Our singles squad of Guldseth, Tretheway, Ralph, and Gallagher played incredible,” Carey said. “The group only dropped one match the entire invite (13-1), which came during the Havre match with Guldseth and state contender Jeff Miller. “For being so young, Miller is an incredible player. It’s scary to think how good he will be in a couple years. For Kale to play with him like he did says a lot. Hopefully this will be a big divisional confidence booster for Kale.”

The Maroons juggled their doubles lineup.

“There really isn’t a No. 1, 2, or 3 doubles pairing on this team anymore.  They are all No. 1 in my book,” Carey said.

The tournament was the season-finale for the Maroons, who didn’t drop a boys’ dual all season.

“These guys — Ralph, Tretheway, Guldseth, Gallagher, LaMiaux, Peeples, Kenney, Trudnowski, Joyce and Joyce — have put their trust in me as their coach, and I couldn’t be happier for them and their regular season perfection,” Carey said. “This is a very special group of athletes. I’ve been very blessed to have taught them in the classroom as well as coached them on the court.”

The Southwest A Divisional Tournament will be held in Corvallis for the girls and in Hamilton for the boys. The three-day tournament begins Thursday.

“We have one more task at hand, and that’s the Divisional tournament,” Carey said. “We are going to give it everything we got.”

While the BC girls haven’t put up the numbers boys have, Carey said the group is making strides.

“The most import thing is our girls are having fun and are improving,” the coach said. “We are still in the growing phase; and with each match, they are getting better. They understand the fierce competition of next week’s Divisional tournament and I believe they’ll embrace it.  We are hoping to get a couple wins, gain tournament experience and build from that.”

Butte Central 6, Anaconda 1

Kale Guldseth, BC, def. Eli VanMeel 8-5
Northey Tretheway, BC, def. Carson Bayton 8-1
Derek Ralph, BC, def. Collin Stetzner 8-1
Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Drake Kopp 8-1
Geoff Dierenfeldt/Aaron VanMeel, Anaconda, def. Patrick Kenney/Tyler Trudnowski 8-1
Frank Joyce/Jim Joyce, BC, def. Dennis Stanberry/Jackson Wagner 8-6
Kolten LaMiaux/Kaden Peeples, BC, def. Gabe Blodnick/Ron Schaeffer 8-4

Butte Central 4, Dillon 0

Northey Tretheway, BC, def. John Rodnar 8-3
Kale Guldseth, BC, def. Marcus Thompson 8-5
Frank Joyce/Jim Joyce, BC, def. Todd Rakich/Mark Waldrup 8-3
Patrick Kenney/Tyler Trudnowski, BC, def. Austin Finch/Adam Waldorf 8-0

Butte Central 5, Havre 2

Jeff Miller, Havre, def. Kale Guldseth 8-5
Northey Tretheway, BC, def. Ned Malone 8-6
Derek Ralph, BC, def. Zach Hellegard 8-2
Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Jacob Holden 8-3
Tyler Trudnowski/Patrick Kenney, BC, def. Nick Rhines/JJ Hovel Chagnon 8-5
Kolten LaMiaux/Kaden Peeples, BC, def. Jerad Boles/Wyatt Lindbloom 8-1

Butte Central 5, Havre 2

Kale Guldseth, BC, def. Jon Lemon 6-1
Northey Tretheway, BC, def. Joe Lemon 6-2
Derek Ralph, BC, def. Tanner Robertson 6-2
Jack Gallagher, BC, def. Slade Brian 6-1
Myles Greer/Chandler Metcalf, Havre, def. Kaden Peeples/Kolten LaMiaux 6-0
Jayden Coversup/Patrick Toyne, Havre, def. Patrick Kenney/Tyler Trudnowski 7-6 (7-3)
Jim Joyce/Frank Joyce, BC, def. Tanner Delp/JD Erikson 6-3

Anaconda 3, BC 0
Dallas Selle, Anaconda, def. Yi-Chin Lee 8-1
Ashley Johnson/Haley VanMeel, Anaconda, def. Nici Rosencrans/Sarah Drew 8-0
Rose Tracy/Elizabeth Riddle, Anaconda, def. Ali Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn 8-5

Dillon 3, Butte Central 0

Morgan Evan, Dillon, def. Yi-Chin Lee 8-1
Holly Hanson/Terrah Judge, Dillon, def. Nici Rosencrans/Sarah Drew 8-0
Caitlyn Feldt/Timber McQuiston, Dillon, def. Ali Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn 8-0

Havre 3, BC 0

Shannon Herring, Havre, def. Yi-Chin Lee 8-0
Ellery Bresler/Breck Don, Havre, def. Nici Rosencrans/Sarah Drew 8-2
Haley Graham/Morgan Jappe, Havre, def. Ali Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn 8-0

Havre 3, BC 0

Ci Ci Three Irons, Havre, def. Yi-Chin Lee 6-1
Savannah Green/Chrissy Webert, Havre def. Nici Rosencrans/Sarah Drew 6-0
Jaysun Albert/Sarah Walck, Havre, def. Ali Guldseth/Kellsie Quinn 6-3