Bado walks off with All-State Honors

If you guessed there would be no way, they could leave the Assassin out for a second consecutive sport without an All-State nod you would have guessed right.

If you also guessed Brooke would score 671 points during the 21-22 season, you should also buy me a lottery ticket because some of the accomplishments Brooke had as a Maroon are as rare as a winning lotto number and may not be seen again for a very long time.

Butte Central slugger and short stop was named first-team all-conference and All State in softball, Bado was 1 of 2 Butte Central players to get the nod as Brooke was joined by junior Kathryn Lalicker who received an honorable mention.

What a way to go out as a Maroon Brooke, we cannot wait to watch you continue your basketball career as an Oredigger.