Bado, Foley bring home state handball title

MISSOULA — Brett Badovinac and Don Foley are state handball champions.

The Butte duo won the masters division of the State Doubles tournament this weekend. The masters division is for players 40 and older.

Badovinac and Foley beat Les Seago of Emigrant and Alex Fox of Bozeman 21-20, 21-11 in Sunday’s championship match.

Brothers Cole Salo of Butte and Conor Salo, now of Glendive, teamed to win the title in the A division, which is the consolation of the open division.

Kalispell’s Chance Wachholtz claimed his second straight open division title, this year with a new partner. He teamed with Eric Plummer of Idaho to win the title with a victory over Missoula’s Steve Maier and Jared Wierson.

Dan Scilley of Luther and Mike Meyer of Billings teamed to win both the Golden Masters and Super Golden Masters titles for the second year in a row.

Former Butte resident Tom Morris of Billings and Russ Whitten Red Lodge claimed the Diamond Masters.

Also, Eric Aschim and Jason Hedahl of Missoula won the B division title.

Results follow:

Quarterfinals: Alex Fox, Bozeman and Les Seago, Emigrant d. Cole Salo, Butte and Conor Salo, Glendive; Steve Maier, Missoula and Jared Wierson, Missoula d. Marty Gagnon, Bozeman and Matt Gagnon, Bozeman

Semifinals: Chance Wachholtz, Kalispell and Eric Plummer, Idaho d. Fox and Seago; Maier and Wierson d. TJ Stender, Sheridan, WY and Brian Penrose, Sheridan, WY;

Finals: Wachholtz and Plummer d. Maier and Wierson 21-5, 21-11

Masters 40+
Quarterfinals: Brett Badovinac, Butte and Don Foley, Butte d. Nick White, Bozeman and Marty Gagnon, Bozeman; Sean Sandau, Missoula and Dave Montelius, Missoula d. Will Brook, Bozeman and Eric How, Divide

Semifinals: Badovinac and Foley d. Steve Maier, Missoula and Robin Peters, Missoula 21-9, 20-21, 11-5; Les Seago, Emigrant and Alex Fox, Bozeman d. Sandau and Montelius

Finals: Badovinac and Foley d. Seago and Fox 21-20, 21-11

Golden Masters 50+
First Round: Scott Salo, Butte and Jim Anderson, Butte d. Nick White, Bozeman and Eric Howe, Divide; Don Schmidt, Missoula and Dave Montelius, Missoula d. Carl Warren, Bozemen and Will Brook, Bozeman

Quarterfinals: Dan Scilley, Luther and Mike Meyer, Billing d. Salo and Anderson; Mike Hitchcock, Butte and Jay Stender, Sheridan, WY d. Tom Sullivan, Missoula and Davis; Frank Cikan, Bozeman and Kirk Johnson, Missoula d. Dan Bersanti, Butte and Tom Madrazo, Butte; Schmidt and Montelius d. Craid Canfield, Billings and John Larson, East Helena

Semifinals: Scilley and Meyer d. Hitchcock and Stender; Schmidt and Montelius d. Cikan and Johnson

Third: Cikan and Johnson d. Hitchcock and Stender

Finals: Scilley and Meyer d. Schmidt and Mondelius 21-8, 21-11

Super Golden 60+
Quarterfinals: Paulson, Idaho and Wilson, Idaho d. Carl Warren, Bozeman and Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman;

Semifinals: Dan Scilley, Luther and Mike Meyer, Billing d. Fred Chapman, Missoula and Frank Cikan, Bozeman; Rick Harrington, Missoula and Robin Peters, Missoula d. Paulson and Wilson

Finals: Scilley and Meyer d. Harrington and Peters 21-5, 21-8

Diamond 70+
Round Robin: Tom Morris, Billings and Russ Whitten, Red Lodge d. Wally Page, Florence and Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman 21-12, 21-10; Fred Chapman, Missoula and Louie Chinske, Missoula d. Paul Polzin, Missoula and Dan Ferriter, Missoula 21-8, 21-18; Morris and Whitten d. Tom Lewis and Bob Gensemer, Stevensville 21-6, 21-5; Page and Gagnon d. Chapman and Chinske 21-8, 21-11; Page and Gagnon d. Polzin and Ferriter 21-20, 21-11; Morris and Whitten d. Chapman and Chinske 21-10, 21-5; Pozin and Ferriter d. Lewis and Gensemer 21-8, 21-9; Morris and Whitten d. Polzin and Ferriter 21-12, 21-8; Page and Gagnon d. Lewis and Gensemer; Chapman and Chinske d. Lewis and Gensemer

1st – Morris and Whitten

2nd – Page and Gagnon

3rd – Chapman and Chinske

B Division
Round Robin: Eric Aschim, Missoula and Jason Hedahl, Missoula d. Larry White, Missoula and Colin Stener 21-16, 21-20; Chris Riley and Aaron Cook d. Chris Poloynis and Lauren Wilcox 21-5, 21-10; White and Stener d. Poloynis and Wilcox 21-3, 21-6; Aschim and Hedahl d. Riley and Cook 21-10, 21-8; White and Stener d. Riley and Cook 21-11, 21-13; Aschim and Hedahl d. Poloynis and Wilcox 21-1, 21-7

1st – Aschim and Hedahl

2nd – White and Stener

3rd – Riley and Cook

Open Consolation (A Division)
Round Robin: Stender and Penrose d. Gagnon and Gagnon; Salo and Salo d. Stender and Penrose; Salo and Salo d. Gagnon and Gagnon

1st – Salo and Salo

Masters 40+ Consolation
White and Gagnon d. Brook and Howe

Golden 50+ Consolation
Quarterfinals: Canfield and Larson d. White and Howe; Salo and Anderson d. Warren and Brook

Semifinals: Canfield and Larson d. Sullivan and Davis; Bersanti and Madrazo d. Salo and Anderson

Finals: Canfield and Larson d. Bersanti and Madrazo

Super 60+ Consolation
Chapman and Cikan d. Warren and Gagnon

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