Ault, Arc top spring league at Butte Trap Club

Ault, Arc top spring league at Butte Trap Club

Jeff Ault and Arc Electric were the big winners at the conclusion of the Butte Trap Club’s eight-week spring league.

Ault won the High Individual Award after breaking 378 out of 400 targets in the regular season. Runner-up Tim Cassidy was one back at 377, while Ron Lyons placed third at 372.

Arc Electric once again topped the Class AA field, winning the league at 1,461. Federal Better Homes Org. was next at 1,438.

Arc team members are Ralph Warnstrom, Bill Daly, Alex Schnieder, Kevin O’Dell and Long.

Baker Auto won the Class A division, Jim Lynch State Farm/Liasac’s Tire won the Class B division, and Archibald Company took the Class C title.

Brandon Lyons claimed the High Junior shooter award, while Crystal White won the High Lady award.

On the final Thursday night of the league, Justin Mandic and Ron Lyons broke 45 out of 50 targets to top the short-yardage competition. Cassidy’s 46 topped the mid-yardage shoot, while Daily, Roger Terry and Al Peterson shot 42 to lead the long-yardage group.

Week 8 Final Standings

Team Handicap Standings

Class AA

Arc Electric                                           –         1461

Federal Better Homes Org.                    –         1438

Class A

Baker Auto                                            –         1420

Cooney’s Locksmith                              –         1413

Trademark Electric                                –         1412

Interstate Body Shop                             –         1381

Class B

Jim Lynch State Farm/Lisac’s                –         1355

Quarry Brewing/Vu Villa                         –         1338

Maloney’s/Treasure Chest                     –         1319

Montana Livestock/Whalen Tire             –         1303

Class C

Archibald Co                                         –         1295

J & C Body                                           –         1271

The Dumpsters                                     –         1249

Timberline Security                                –         1226

KTSI                                                     –         912

Pro Repair/Maloneys                             –         798

High Individual Handicap Scores

Short Yardage 19-21

Justin Mandic                    –         45×50

Ron Lyons                        –         45×50

Mike Krzan                       –         44×50

Cody Cunningham             –         43×50

Scott Cunningham             –         42×50

Kevin McCaughey             –         42×50

Mid Yardage 22-24

Tim Cassidy                      –         46×50

Chris Robbins                   –         45×50

Bill White                          –         43×50

Mark Powers                     –         42×50

John MacMillan                 –         42×50

John Wombold                  –         42×50

Long Yardage 25-27

Bill Daly                            –         42×50

Roger Terry                      –         42×50

Al Petersen                       –         42×50

Rich Long                         –         41×50

John Helfrich                     –         41×50

High Lady Score

Crystal White                    –         34×50

High Junior Score

Brandon Lyons                  –         39×50

High Singles Shooter

Dave Chamberlin               –         41×50

Arc Electric won the Class AA division title with a 1461×1600 total.  Arc Electric team members include; Ralph Warnstrom, Bill Daly, Alex Schneider, Rich Long and Kevin O’Dell.

Baker Auto earned the Class A division trophy with a 1420×1600 score.  Team members are; Rich Long, John MacDonald, Al Peterson and Mike McLaughlin.

Jim Lynch State Farm/Lisac’s won the Class B division with a 1355×1600 total.  Team members include; Tom Kiely, Randy Maynard, Dean Vesco, Tim Cassidy & Cole Salo.

Archibald Company won the Class C division with a 1465×1600 total.  Team members include; Bob York, Kevin Zimpel, Leo McCarthy, Jason Dinius & Bart Bacon.

Jeff Ault won the High Individual award breaking a total of 378×400 targets edging out runner-up Tim Cassidy 377×400 and 3rd place Ron Lyons with a 372×400 total.

Brandon Lyons won the High Junior shooter award.

Crystal White won the High Lady award.

Justin Lerum won the 1st Annie Oakley Shoot . Jason Dinius finished 2nd & Brandon Lyons was 3rd.

Tim Cassidy won the 2nd Annie Oakley Shoot and Roger Terry finished 2nd.

Bill White & Tim Cassidy won the 3rd Annie Oakley Shoot.

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