Athlete (s) of the week, Butte High baseball

This week’s athlete of the week is the Butte High Bulldog baseball team, although they didn’t win state, they played tremendous all season especially considering the circumstances of an early spring season and postponements left and right and didn’t see an actual field and made the most of it.

These young men laid the foundation for Butte High baseball and will get to talk about it for years to come, they will get to tell their kids, and grand kids they were the first ever to suit up on a baseball diamond in school history.

We also want to shout out al the great parents these kids have and without them a lot of this is not possible, so congratulations to you all, and bring on Legion ball, go Dogs!

Box Score.

These players are, Seniors:

Jimmy Blow (varsity)

Ethan Cunningham (varsity

Kevin Donaldson (varsity)

Tyler Duffy (varsity)

Anthony Knott (varsity

Sean Ossello (varsity)

Zach Tierney (varsity)


Mason Armstrong (varsity)

Quinn Cox (varsity)

Aiden Cuchine (varsity)

Derek Dunmire (varsity)

Trey Hansen (varsity)

Alex Jorgensen (varsity)

Kaden McGillen (varsity)

Zack O’Connell (varsity)

Gavin Trudgeon (varsity)


Cayde Stajcar (varsity)

And theses are the JV Bulldogs:

Junior Varsity:


Ethan Zimmerman


Matthew Donaldson

Colby Gordon

Lucas Harris-Huerta

Tocher Lee

Karsen McEwen

Will Stepan


Bram Beausoleil

Gunner Bushman

Logan Carden

Grady Foley

Chase Lubick

Zeke Lyons

Seamus Murphy

Brooks Vincent

Jaxon Williamson

Lincoln Zell

And the Coaches:

Head coach: Jimmy Leprowse

Asst coach: Luke Stajcar

Asst coach: Shane Jorgensen

Asst coach: Zane Jerman