Athlete of the Week Rueso Battermann

This weeks Athlete of the Week brought to you by LUBEDUDE of Montana is Butte Bulldog, Rueso Battermann.

If you attended the football game Friday night you got to witness some really amazing plays and a comeback win from your hometown Bulldogs. Butte High scored 28 points in the 4th quarter erasing a 21 point deficit.

Rueso Battermann lines up across from his defender Friday night at Naranche. Rueso had 3 catches in the 4th quarter all for touchdowns. (Photo by Butte Sports.)

Rueso Battermann had a large part in that as he recorded 5 catches 3 of them being touchdowns in the 4th quarter ending his total with 140 yards, helping his defense and team come from behind and stun the Glacier Wolfpack 28-27.

Butte will be on the road the next two week’s as they head to Missoula to face the Eagles of Big Sky this week. Congratulations Rueso keep it up!