Athlete of the Week, Kenley Leary presented by Lubedude of MT

Butte High super senior is playing more like a superhero, the returning stud for the Miners has been on an absolute tear this year so far and shows us why he was State and Regional MVP last year.

Like Kenley the Butte Miners have picked up right where they left off a season ago and Leary has been on a roll both offensively and defensively.

The Minors have won 6 straight to begin the year and Leary has been a big part of that this weekend he raked in 5 hit on 8 tried while tallying 5 RBI’s.

Kenley has earned this week’s Athlete of the Week with his stellar start to the Legion baseball season. Congratulations Kenley, keep playing hard!

Kenley Leary delivers a pitch during the complete-game win.