Ashten McCloskey works overtime for Bulldogs

Butte High senior Ashten McCloskey put in a long day’s work on Thursday.

She also just might have made a little Bulldog history.

McCloskey played 18 holes of golf for the Bulldogs at the Butte Invitational at Fairmont Hot Springs. Then she raced to the Jeremy Bullock Complex just in time to play soccer in Butte High’s Eastern AA opener against Great Falls High.

“I’m really tired,” McCloskey said after the soccer game, a 2-0 Butte High loss.

It’s hard to blame her for being a little worn out. McCloskey arrived at Fairmont at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning. She finished the long round, carding a 113, at about 4 p.m. Then it was into her car, through the road construction on the Rocker hill and to the soccer field.

“I got here just before the game,” she said. “I had a sandwich and was shoving it in my mouth.”

McCloskey stood out during the game at her new position, right outside back.

“I just got switched to defense, so it’s new to me,” she said.

Soccer coach Kevin Petritz gave her passing grades in her new role.

“She actually played really well today,” the coach said. “I thought she played aces.”

At 113, McCloskey is a long way from the leader board in the golf tournament. It’s not a bad score, however, considering how new she is to the game of golf. She basically really started playing this summer to have something to do with her father, Jay.

“I only played a couple of times until this summer,” she said. “I started this summer. I’m improving every time I go out there.”

Golf coach Eric Mankins, who is also an assistant on the softball team, talked McCloskey into playing golf after watching her as a starter for the softball team the past three seasons.

“Mankins wanted me to do both,” McCloskey said. “He saw how I handled softball and what my attitude was. He thought I could be a good golfer.”

The soccer game wasn’t on the top of McCloskey’s mind as she played her round of golf at Fairmont.

“Me and the three girls that I golfed with today barely talked about it,” she said. “On the last hole I looked at the time and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to go.'”

According to her coaches, McCloskey, who has also been a key member of the Butte High basketball team, is believed to be the first Butte High girls in decades to tackle two sports in the same season.

“Guys do, I guess. They do track and baseball,” McCloskey says. Baseball, though, isn’t a school sport, meaning McCloskey is breaking new ground with the Bulldogs.

Making history, though, isn’t the reason McCloskey decided to, well, make history.

“I really like it,” she said. “I’m happy that I did golf also because it’s a lifetime sport.”

McCloskey, a 4.0 student with an eye on playing college softball, will be back at Fairmont again early Friday for the final round of the tournament.

It will be kind of a light day for her, however, because the Bulldogs don’t play soccer again until Saturday. 1 comment

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  • Charlie
    September 6, 2014, 8:35 pm

    Liza Merrifield ran XCountry (varsity) and played basketball (varsity) during the same season for two years as a Freshman and Sophomore until she broke her femur in the spring of her sophomore year. Then she only did one sport during the fall season.


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