Area matmen vie in Maroon-less BC mixer

By Bruce Sayler

Different views provided different sights for wrestling head coaches Robin Moodry of  Butte Central and Cory Johnston of Butte High during a mixer Friday night.

Wrestling teams from Class A Dillon and Class B-C Whitehall joined with the junior varsity from the Class AA Butte High program in a series matches held at the Maroon Activities Center, home facility for Butte Central.

However, no Maroons were available to compete. Injuries have idled all of Moodry’s five-man roster. The crew had begun the season on a promising note, too.

“It’s just one of those deals,” Moodry lamented as Gunnar Yelenich, the last healthy BC wrestler, that was … until suffering a leg injury his last time out, approached the coach on crutches. “We’re having one of our bad years — terrible luck.”

Butte Central was able to honor outgoing senior Clay Fisher, a two-time state place-winner, who has been sidelined by a shoulder injury all except one week, pre-Christmas, this campaign. He was a state runner-up two years ago. Being the only senior on the Maroons’ roster, Fisher and his mother, Jackie, were recognized between rounds of wrestling in Senior Parents Night ceremony. Mike Fisher, Clay’s father, died only a few weeks ago, shortly before the athlete signed to continue his education while playing football for Montana Tech.

“Clay’s been in the (wrestling) room with us, just doing some rolling, especially helping out Gunnar,” Moodry said. “It’s helped a ton to have someone of his ability, experience and knowledge be there with the younger kids.”

So, Moodry’s view was of the present, and, as of Friday evening, it wasn’t very pretty. Johnston, meanwhile, was able to get lengthy look at the younger, lesser seen end of his roster. The glimpse into the future gave him a smile.

“We have  a lot of 103s, a lot of good ones, too,” he said. “I just hope they spread out (across the weight classes) in the next couple years. If they all grow together, that will be a problem.”

Many of the wrestlers had two bouts in the mixer. Seven recorded two pins each, including Butte High entries Gavin Vetter and Jerek Rosenleaf. They’re among the Bulldogs vying for spots on the two-deep team that the Bulldogs will take to the Eastern AA Division seeding tournament next Saturday in Bozeman.

Butte High’s winners of other individual bouts  Friday at the MAC were Austin Endy, Myles McClernan, Ty Raiha, Christian Sherman, Tucker LeProwse, Billy Cunneen, Trey Whitlock, Ethan Edwards, Tanner Huff, Joe Sandoval and Christian Vetter.

The meet’s other two-pin victors were Cooper Hoffman and Pete Gibson of Dillon, and Dallen Hoover, Dawson Powers and Connor Johnson, all of Whitehall.

Next weekend’s wrestling slate will be of seeding tournaments and divisionals. By the turn of rotation, Butte Central will play host to the Western A Divisional on Saturday, though it would seem unlikely any Maroons will be healed sufficiently to compete.

“Leg injuries, shoulder injuries,” Moodry said, softly, listing the areas of affliction sidelining Maroons Yelenich, Fisher, Cade Stillwagon, Brayden Keane and Ian Williams. “It’s part of athletics and now we’re hoping the freshmen and sophomores can take care of their injuries and are back next year. They can still compete two or three more years.”
Mixer results follow:

Round 1, Mat 1

103 — Christian Sherman, Butte, dec. Trey Whitlock, Butte, 6-1. 113 — Dawson Powers, Whitehall, pinned Morgan McClernan, Butte, 1:19. 126 — Gavin Vetter, Butte, pinned Gage McMillion, Whitehall, 1:50. 132 — Connor Johnson, Whitehall, pinned Luke Huffacker, Dillon, 3:39. 138 — Jerek Rosenleaf, Dillon, pinned Eli Carlos, Dillon, 1:51. 152 — Triston Lowell, Dillon, pinned John Lerum, Butte, 2:57. 152 — Tucker LeProwse, Butte, dec. Brody Becker, Whitehall, 3-0. 160 — Billy Cunneen, Butte, major dec. Garris Robertson, Whitehall, 13-2. 170 — Jamus DuBois, Whitehall, pinned Josh Bacon, Butte, 1:49. 205 — Preston Hales, Dillon, pinned Austin Endy, Butte, 4:58.

Round 2, Mat 1

103 — Trey Whitlock, Butte, pinned Kyler Raiha, Butte, 1:36. 113 — Dawson, Powers, Whitehall, pinned Cowen Houchin, Butte, :40. 126 — Gage McMillion, Whitehall, pinned Mason Pennell, Butte, 1:25. 132 — Connor Johnson, Whitehall, pinned Gabbie Parini, Butte, 3:03. 138 — Ethan Edwards, Butte, dec. Eli Carlos, Dillon, 5-3. 152 — Tanner Huff, Butte, pinned Triston Lowell, Dillon, 4:28. 152 — Joe Sandoval, Butte, pinned Brody Becker, Whitehall, 4:23. 160 — Christian Vetter, Butte, pinned Garris Robertson, Whitehall, 1:53. 170 — Ash Norris, Dillon, pinned Jamus DuBois, Whitehall, 1:57. 205 — Preston Hales, Dillon, pinned Myles McClernan, Butte, 1:20.

Round 1, Mat 2

113 — Tate Hanson, Dillon, dec. Cowen Houchin, Butte, 9-4. 120 — Forest Wagoner, Dillon, pinned Wyatt Queer, Butte, 3:24. 126 — Trentin Walker, Whitehall, pinned Moose Henningsen, Butte, 3:24. 138 — Teron Morrison, Dillon, major dec. Ethan Edwards, Butte, 9-0. 145 — Pete Gibson, Dillon, pinned Joe Sandoval, Butte, 3:59. 152 — Dallen Hoover, Whitehall, pinned Tanner Huff, Butte, 2:31. 160 — Cooper Hoffman, Dillon, pinned Christian Vetter, Butte, 1:47. 170 — Gaten Wassberg, Whitehall, pinned Ash Norris, Dillon, 2:57. 182 — Myles McClernan, Butte, pinned Jimmy Best, Whitehall, 3:04. 285 — Ty Raiha, Butte, pinned Cody Best, Whitehall, 3:59.

Round 2, Mat 2

113 — Tate Hanson, Dillon, pinned Morgan McClernan, Butte, 4:38. 120 — Gavin Vetter, Butte, pinned Forrest Wagoner, Dillon, 3:52. 132 — Luke Huffacker, Dillon, pinned Trentin Walker, Whitehall, 2:51. 138 — Jerek Rosenleaf, Butte, pinned Teron Morrison, Dillon, 1:51. 145 — Pete Gibson, Dillon, pinned Brayden Thomas, Butte, 1:30. 152 — Dallen Hoover, Whitehall, pinned Tucker LeProwse, Butte, 2:40. 160 — Cooper Hoffman, Dillon, tech fall Billy Cunneen, Butte, 2:02 (17-2). 170 — Gaten Wassberg, Whitehall, dec. Dominik Scown, Butte, 10-7. 182 — Jimmy Best, Whitehall, pinned Josh Bacon, Butte, 2:43. 205 — Austin Endy, Butte, pinned Cody Scott, Dillon, 1:59.