Arc Electric wins fall trap league

The Arc Electric team made up of Ralph Warnstrom, Bill Daly, Alex Schneider, Dan Rademacher and Kevin O’Dell won the six-week title at the Butte Trap Club’s fall league.

Arc posted 1,175 points to stay atop the team scratch standings for the wire-to-wire win. Baker Auto placed second at 1,131.

Rich Long broke all 50 targets for a perfect score to win the last league night of the season. Chris Mandic, Harless Long, Tim Cassidy and Josh Laurandeau all shot 49.

Tammy Urich was the top women’s shooter at 44, while Greyson Mandic was the top junior at 45.

Cassidy and Rademacher tied for the overall “High Gun” trophy, breaking 296 of 300 targets on the season. Cassidy won the trophy when Rademacher forfeited a shootoff.

Urich edged Mindy Kane by one target to win “High Lady” honors with a 273, while Mandic was the “High Junior” at 274.

Click below for the final standings.

Fall League Final