Arc Electric team captures trap league title

Arc Electric team captures trap league title

The Arc Electric team once again claimed the title during the Butte Trap Club’s Fall League.

Arc won the Class A Division with a score of 1,132 over the six weeks of the league. The champions edged Vicevich Law/Cooney’s Security by two targets.

Winning team members are Ralph Warnstrom, Bill Daly, Alex Schneider, Dan Rademacher and Kevin O’Dell.

Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing won the Class B, Builders First Source topped Class C, and 12 G Girls took home the women’s title.

Dave Vicevich broke 282 out of 300 targets to win the High Gun award. He topped runner up Kohlten Fultz by two. Colleen Fink won the women’s High Gun with a 241.

Vicevich and Tim Cassidy each broke 49 out of 50 targets to top the individual standings during Week 6 shooting. Jayson Kress and Chris Andersen were next at 47. Lisa Edwards’ 41 edged Fink by one for the top women’s score.

Butte Trap Club – 2020 Fall League – Week 6 Final Standings

 Class A

Arc Electric                                           –         1132

Vicevich Law/Cooney’s Security             –         1130

Baker Auto                                            –         1107

Cooney’s Locksmith                              –         1105

FJRB                                                    –         1098

Class B

Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing                     –         1057

First Citizens Bank                                –         1017

Archibald Co.                                        –         989

DFC                                                     –         976

Class C

Builders First Source                             –         987

Nick’s Not Here                                     –         946

Team 5                                                 –         930

Western States                                     –         912

Lady Class

12 G Girls                                             –         814

Bet You Can’t Say Lost                          –         735

The ViceB’s                                           –         712

 Class A – Arc Electric – Team Members;

Ralph Warnstrom, Bill Daly, Alex Schneider, Dan Rademacher & Kevin O’Dell

Class B – Vu Villa/Lockmer Plumbing – Team Members;

Shawn Powers, Mark Moline, Mark Powers, Rick Svejkovsky & John MacMillan

Class C – Builders First Source – Team Members

Mike Fink, Cory Whitmore, Mike Horvath, Garrett St. Aubin & Cody Stevenson

Ladies High Team – 12G Girls – Team Members

Colleen Fink, Denise Andersen, Ciana Dale, Monique Duffy & Annie Ribeiro

 Individual Season Awards

High Gun     Dave Vicevich         –         282×300

Runner-Up   Kohlten Fultz           –         280×300

High Lady Gun      Colleen Fink            –         241×300

Lady R-U                Amber Henson        –         221×300

Week 6 High Individual Scores

Dave Vicevich                   –         49×50

Tim Cassidy                      –         49×50

Jayson Kress                    –         47×50

Chris Andersen                 –         47×50

Bill Daly                            –         46×50

Billy Bob White                  –         46×50

High Lady Scores

Lisa Edwards                    –         41×50

Colleen Fink                      –         40×50

Mindy McClernan              –         39×50

1st Annie Oakley

1st Billy Bob White
2nd Justin Lerum

3rd John Wombold

2nd Annie Oakley

1st Billy Bob White
2nd Robert Edwards

3rd Tim Schrapps Jr.

3rd Annie Oakley

1st Chad Fellows
2nd Nick Barney

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