A thank you from the Burgman family

The family of Kyle Burgman would like to thank everyone who has given us such an amazing amount of love, support, and kindness during this painful time. Our friends and family helped us up when it felt like we were drowning; your visits meant so much.  We are both proud and humbled by the sheer number of donations and memorials that have been made in Kyle’s name. It’s wonderful to see so much good being done in his memory.  He impacted so many people in life and will continue to do so through these gifts and his selfless gift of organ donation. We are also grateful for the countless cards, letters, phone calls, visits, messages, food, drinks, and flowers. Kyle was loved by so many, and we are overwhelmed still.

We would like to especially thank some people by name: Axelsons firstly. Jim and Lori helped us and cared for us when we were most lost. Our incredible Burgman and Connors family, we couldn’t have gotten through the first week without you. Mom’s work family, the doctors and staff at Montana Orthopedic, thanks for being there for us in so many ways. Father Beretta and Deacon Uggetti for assisting us with the service. Callie Aschim for keeping us going and always being there. School District No. 1 and the staff at Butte High School for letting us have Kyle’s service there. Judy Jonart, Chuck Merrifield, Ned Ellingwood, all the engineers, Arie Grey and his staff, and all the football players: we are indebted to you. John Thatcher, for being the best mentor/coach/friend for Kyle and for an amazing speech. Chunky Thatcher for being like a second father to Kyle. Alex, Hattie, Baylee, Tucker, Kloie, Cutter, and Sofee Thatcher for a wonderful speech and all their care. The staff at the KC for a perfect sendoff for Kyle on short notice. Mike Thatcher and CCCS for providing the food. Carl and Jenny Burgman for the tab. All of Kyle’s closest friends for being there, wearing his shirts with pride, making us laugh, making us dance, and watching the basketball game over and over again! To all our friends for making it a night to remember. To everyone who brought things to the memorial, picture books, photos for us, plaques, memory books…etc. We appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. The Butte Police Protective Association and the Firemen’s Union for their generous gifts. Corby Anderson and Mike Foley for setting up The Kyle Burgman Scholarship at Montana Tech.

To the Boyle family — we think of you every day. Kyle was not only roommates with Casey, but Tom and Dan too at different times. He loved your family. We know you are the only ones who feel the same pain we do. All we can do is go day by day. The hurt is still too fresh right now, but we hope to meet up with you soon and to be able to smile and laugh about the boys. We have a feeling they are together and laughing now, probably listening to music and talking politics! Remember them both with love and laughter — that’s what they would want.

We know Kyle is still around us, and we know we will see him again. We are heartbroken at the moment, but that is to be expected. There are just no words to describe how much we miss him every day, but we will continue to heal. As Kelsie said, “You never want this to happen to anyone, but we should be grateful it happened in Butte.” This community is truly one-of-a-kind in its capacity to provide for each other. Thank you all.

With love forever,

Dale, Patsy, Brianna (Kyle Barsness), Erica (Sean Vetter), and Kelsie (Joe Weber)

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