A look back at State Wrestling meet

BILLINGS – The recently completed State All-Class Wrestling Tournament was a grand event, as always, with thousands in attendance to view the spectacle.

There was plenty to see, and plenty of interesting angles. There was 98-pound Abi Gontarek of Laurel, whose fifth-place finish was thought to be the first time a girl stood on a Montana State podium. There were Havre brothers Tyler and Travis Adams, who squared off in the 220-pound Class A championship bout. Tyler won, then raised his brother’s hand in victory following the match. There was a swansong appearance by Butte official Dave Bennetts, who refereed his 35th and final State meet.

Certainly, plenty on the table.

Butte High’s Levi Renz came away with the lone title for the Mining City, winning the 145-pound Class AA crown, while Butte Central’s Clay Stillwagon took silver in the Class A 113-pound bracket. The only other Butte wrestler to place on the weekend was Butte High junior Lee Cannon, who got fourth at 195 pounds.

Southwest Montana was well represented on the podium, as individual titles were registered by Bryan Armstrong (145-pounds) of Anaconda, along with Donovan Hucke (HWT) and Kohltin Starkel (106) of Dillon. Bryce Wigert of Anaconda was second behind Hucke at Class A heavyweight.

Fourth-place finishes were turned in by Mason Mavrinac (152) of Anaconda, Jake Reinschmidt (120) of Whitehall and Tony Bergerson (138) of Drummond. Parker Tezak (195) of Dillon and Devon Rowe (98) of Whitehall took fifth place, while Kwin Stoddard (120) of Dillon and Connor Rogers (126) of Whitehall finished sixth.

No area teams came back with team hardware, but seven teams scored in the event. Great Falls won the AA team title, while Butte was 13th with 63 points. In the Class A ranks, Havre was the titlist, while Anaconda was eighth in Jerry Arneson’s final State Tournament as head coach. Dillon was close behind in ninth place with 86.5 points, and Butte Central’s four entrants tallied 30 points for the Maroons – good for 16th place. In the Class B-C mix, Whitehall was 20th with 39 points, Drummond was 28th with 19.5 points and Deer Lodge finished 31st with 10.

Complete team and individual results follow:


State Wrestling Tournament

Class AA Results

Team abbreviations

Billings Senior (BSH), Billings Skyview (BSV), Billings West (BWH), Bozeman (BOZ), Butte (BUT), Great Falls (GFH), Great Falls Russell (CMR), Kalispell Glacier (GLR), Helena Capital (CAP), Helena (HEL), Kalispell Flathead (KAL), Missoula Big Sky (MBS), Missoula Hellgate (MHG), Missoula Sentinel (MSN).

Final team scores

Great Falls High 353.5, Bozeman 225, Billings Skyview 207, Missoula Big Sky 174.5, Missoula Sentinel 170.5, Billings Senior 143, Helena 122.5, Billings West 105, Great Falls CMR 94, Kalispell Glacier 79, Kalispell Flathead 77.5, Helena Capital 68.5, Butte 63, Missoula Hellgate 12.

First round

98 — Nick Kunz (CAP) def Austin Cardwell (BWH), Fall 1:14; Cody Devall (KAL) def Grayson Miller (BSV), M-Dec 15-5; Garreth Erhardt (BSH) def Parker Dulaney (CAP), Fall :57; Justin Gibson (GLR) def Abe Stapleton (BSH), Fall 3:04; Hunter Rush (KAL) def Tyler Casey (BUT), Dec 5-4; Devin Altenburg (CMR) def Isaac Renfro (MSN), M-Dec 17-6.

106 — Jake Hegel (MSN) def Nathan Kennedy (BSV), Fall 2:39; Tyler Vetter (BUT) def Michael Schmeusser (KAL), Fall 1:01; Wyatt Gordon (MBS) def Bryson Henningson (BUT), Fall 1:32; Jon Conklin (MBS) def Adam Oja (BOZ), Fall 4:32; Clay Smith (BSH) def Anthony Salisbury (KAL), Fall 1:12; Noah Durnell (CMR) def Josh Rolfe (CAP), Fall 1:04.

113 — Seth Schroeck (CAP) def Jordan Larsen (BWH), Fall :36; Mason Misner (BWH) def Sam Barber (GLR), Dec 4-0; Caleb James (BOZ) def Thorton Heppler (HEL), Fall 5:56; Jarren Komac (GFH) def Lukas DeCock (KAL), Fall :27; Tim Ellinger (BSH) def Demo Koures (MBS), M-Dec 16-6; Asa Hoerner (MHG) def Tony Armstrong (BSV), Fall :24; Tyler Meyer (GFH) def Ryan Rowe (MBS), Dec 12-0; Quintel Fuchs (BSH) def Jed Cheff (KAL), Fall 1:09.

120 — Landon Bailey (HEL) def Tanner Tovson (CMR), Fall 3:14; Caleb Shigley (GFH) def Jake O’Malley (HEL), Fall 2:11; Devyn Harris (BOZ) def Miles Terry (KAL), Dec 12-5; Tyger Frye (BSH) def Austin Cheney (GLR), T-Fall 15-0; Jace Kovalicky (MSN) def Tyler Ossello (BUT), T-Fall 16-0; Kale Evenson (BOZ) def Shawn Bouchard (CAP), Fall 1:14; Jake Burkhalter (BSV) def Austin Gabbert (KAL), Fall 1:50; Kenton Evans (GFH) def Ken Woods (MHG), Fall :21.

126 — Dylan Duffalo (MSN) def Tyler Schilling (GFH), Fall 3:51; Kelly Taylor (BOZ) def Ryder Day (GLR), Dec 9-7; Braxton Henningson (BUT) def Gavyn Wilson (KAL), Dec 6-0; Vito DeGidio (BOZ) def KJ Swanson (MBS), Fall 1:08; Cody Decker (GLR) def Greg Contreraz (BSH), Fall 5:26; Trayson Marker (BWH) def Noah Manibusan (HEL), Fall 3:26; Johnny LaFountain (BSV) def Shamus Bartmess (CAP), Fall 2:24; Tommy McMillen (GFH) def Ryan Ramos (MSN), Fall 1:11.

132 — Dylan Schulte (MSN) def Tanner Grubb (CMR), Fall 3:06; Brenton Buerkley (BSV) def Josh Brunner (MBS), Fall 1:57; Shawn Olson (MHG) def Garrett Tanner (GFH), Dec 8-4; Dylan Veis (BSH) def Matt Robinson (MBS), Fall 1:43; Hayden Schrull (HEL) def Matt Larsen (BWH), Dec 6-0; Seth James (BOZ) def Jack Murphy (CAP), Fall 1:25; Aaron Gordon (BSV) def Tyler Davis (KAL), Dec 5-0; Casey Dobson (GFH) def Tyler Eierdam (GLR), Fall :59.

138 — Logan McGreevey (MBS) def Willie Anderson (BUT), Fall :57; Tristan Gradney (BWH) def Chandler Paulson (MSN), Fall 3:30; Ben Manion (BOZ) def Ricky Clevenger (HEL), Fall 3:13; Jace Holman (BSV) def Cody Settle (GLR), Fall :41; Brodie Long (HEL) def Luke Cathey (BSV), Dec 6-2; Jake Marr (MSN) def Kaleb Ferriter (BUT), Fall 2:28; Quinn Barber (GLR) def Austin Hoell (BOZ), Dec 5-2; Austin Shupe (GFH) def Carter Westphal (MBS) Forf.

145 — Cody Morrison (BWH) def Arik Lybeck (GLR), Fall 1:56; Gage Bentley (GFH) def Colton Jeffrey (HEL), Fall 2:29; Cooper Ryan (HEL) def Chase Short (GFH), T-Fall 15-0; Levi Renz (BUT) def Ryan Glenn (MBS), Fall 2:34; Finn Johnston (BOZ) def Caleb Rushing (CAP), Fall :35; Isiah Yates (CMR) def Jay Harrison (KAL), M-Dec 12-2; Joe Malchuski (BSV) def Braxton Wilcox (MBS), Dec 9-2; Koby Reyes (BWH) def Donavon Macura (GLR), Fall 2:51.

152 — Kade Branson (MBS) def Brad Gossett (BOZ), Dec 7-2; Tyller Cortez (BSH) def Jacob Ferkin (GLR), Fall 1:35; Tanner Brown (BWH) def Kory Broussard (CAP), Fall 1:11; Jared Dickson (CMR) def CJ Snyder (CAP), M-Dec 14-1; Chance Stack (MSN) def Korbin Sanderlin (BSV), Fall 5:10; Cameron Mantel (KAL) def Colten McElhinney (GFH), Dec 9-6; Max Miller (BSV) def Caiden Crawford (HEL), Fall 5:16; Kessler Leonard (GFH) def Nate Sommers (KAL), Fall 1:31.

160 — Jason Riekena (MBS) def Cole Gillespie (BUT), Fall :23; Nick Grasseschi (CMR) def Isaac Saenz (GLR), Fall 3:07; Andrew Anderson (BUT) def Addison Boyer (CAP), Dec 8-2; Walker Ferda (GFH) def Caleb O’Brien (HEL), Fall 1:32; Brandon Bilbrey (GFH) def Jacob Van Dyke (HEL), Fall 1:38; Jace Cooley (BSV) def Gabe Peppenger (MSN), Fall 3:14; Hunter Gerth (BWH) def Anthony Wright (KAL), Fall 4:24; Jake Malchuski (BSV) def Randall Dougan (CAP), Fall 2:11.

170 — Luke Entzel (MBS) def Balue Chapman (BOZ), Fall 1:13; Jeremy Van Dyke (HEL) def Nick Challeen (BUT), Fall 5:28; Travis Brugman (CMR) def Jacob Bell (MBS), Fall 1:41; Lance Massey (GFH) def Nick Argento (CAP), Fall 2:39; Justin Harbison (MSN) def Cian Randall (BUT), Fall 3:54; Michael Bertelsen (BOZ) def Tanner Stupack (GLR), Fall 1:48; JR Slotsve (BWH) def Logan Wilson (KAL), Fall 3:10; Cody Henderson (GFH) def Michael Hanke (HEL), Fall :34.

182 — Alan Schmitz (CAP) def Butch Andersen (BOZ), Fall 2:48; Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH) def David Petersen (CAP), Fall 1:05; Spenser Johnson (BWH) def Cy Steele (MSN), M-Dec 15-5; Randy Keesler (GFH) def Payton Boyce (KAL), Fall :24; Darrington Gillespie (BWH) def Jack Martinich (MHG) Forf; Doug Bertelsen (BOZ) def Robell Bassett (MBS), Fall 1:38; Noah Danielson (CMR) def A.J. Robinson (GLR), Dec 5-0; Matt Dillon (BSV) def Sabin Parmiter (MBS), Fall 1:41.

195 — Conner Gordon (MBS) def Loren Hart (BWH), Fall 1:04; Cody Wiers (BOZ) def Sheldon Fladland (CAP), Fall 1:19; Colter Krebill (BSH) def Cody Howe (KAL), Fall :56; Lee Cannon (BUT) def Jake Riekena (MBS), Fall :57; Tanner Erickson (HEL) def Nate Williams (GFH), Fall 2:52; Jake Rebish (MSN) def Jacari Murphy (CMR), Fall :44; Payton Sexe (CMR) def Landon Rivers (HEL), Fall 1:40; Keavon Buckley (BOZ) def Evan Sampson (CAP), Fall :35.

220 — Shig Hilborn (HEL) def Payton O’Reilly (BOZ), Fall :40; Colin Hammock (MSN) def Bobby Foster (BSV), Fall 2:50; Jammer Halverson (HEL) def Pierceston Crawford (GFH), Fall 1:30; Hunter Hart (BOZ) def Riley Leigh (KAL), Fall 3:45; Tyler Brewer (MBS) def Cullen Roll (BSH), Fall 1:12.

Hwt — Jaydn Wison (MSN) def JJ Ellis (BSV) Forf; KJ Klingamam (CMR) def Andrew Brester (GLR), Fall :28; Axel Bladholm (KAL) def Kael Giebink (BSH) Forf; Colter Miller (MBS) def Conner Lee (BUT), Fall 3:44; Colten Rue-Zindell (GFH) def Casey Tolman (HEL), Fall 2:38; Zach Dennehy (GLR) def Justin Rock Above (BWH), Fall 4:36.


98 — Cody Devall (KAL) def Nick Kunz (CAP), Dec 7-5; Danny Maciel (BSV) def Garreth Erhardt (BSH), Dec 9-5; Justin Gibson (GLR) def Hunter Rush (KAL), M-Dec 9-1; Bjorn Schroeder (BOZ) def Devin Altenburg (CMR), Fall 4:22.

106 — Jake Hegel (MSN) def Tyler Vetter (BUT), Fall 2:27; Tim Garcia (BSV) def Wyatt Gordon (MBS), Dec 9-6; Clay Smith (BSH) def Jon Conklin (MBS), Dec 3-2; Brendon Vladic (BSH) def Noah Durnell (CMR), M-Dec 9-1.

113 — Seth Schroeck (CAP) def Mason Misner (BWH), Dec 9-7; Jarren Komac (GFH) def Caleb James (BOZ), M-Dec 10-2; Tim Ellinger (BSH) def Asa Hoerner (MHG), M-Dec 10-0; Quintel Fuchs (BSH) def Tyler Meyer (GFH), Fall 2:58.

120 — Landon Bailey (HEL) def Caleb Shigley (GFH), Fall 3:16; Tyger Frye (BSH) def Devyn Harris (BOZ), Fall 1:43; Kale Evenson (BOZ) def Jace Kovalicky (MSN), M-Dec 13-3; Kenton Evans (GFH) def Jake Burkhalter (BSV), Fall :58.

126 — Dylan Duffalo (MSN) def Kelly Taylor (BOZ), Dec 7-0; Vito DeGidio (BOZ) def Braxton Henningson (BUT), Dec 3-2; Trayson Marker (BWH) def Cody Decker (GLR), M-Dec 10-0; Tommy McMillen (GFH) def Johnny LaFountain (BSV), Fall 1:42.

132 — Dylan Schulte (MSN) def Brenton Buerkley (BSV), Dec 8-5; Dylan Veis (BSH) def Shawn Olson (MHG), Fall 4:17; Seth James (BOZ) def Hayden Schrull (HEL), Fall :50; Casey Dobson (GFH) def Aaron Gordon (BSV), Fall 3:51.

138 — Logan McGreevey (MBS) def Tristan Gradney (BWH), Dec 9-2; Jace Holman (BSV) def Ben Manion (BOZ), Dec 4-2; Brodie Long (HEL) def Jake Marr (MSN), Dec 9-6; Austin Shupe (GFH) def Quinn Barber (GLR), Fall 1:48.

145 — Gage Bentley (GFH) def Cody Morrison (BWH), Fall 1:10; Levi Renz (BUT) def Cooper Ryan (HEL), Dec 6-4; Isiah Yates (CMR) def Finn Johnston (BOZ), M-Dec 8-0; Koby Reyes (BWH) def Joe Malchuski (BSV), Dec 13-8.

152 — Kade Branson (MBS) def Tyller Cortez (BSH), Dec 6-3; Jared Dickson (CMR) def Tanner Brown (BWH), Dec 11-6; Chance Stack (MSN) def Cameron Mantel (KAL), Fall 3:49; Kessler Leonard (GFH) def Max Miller (BSV), Dec 6-1.

160 — Jason Riekena (MBS) def Nick Grasseschi (CMR), Dec 9-2; Walker Ferda (GFH) def Andrew Anderson (BUT), Fall 2:58; Jace Cooley (BSV) def Brandon Bilbrey (GFH), Dec 12-5; Hunter Gerth (BWH) def Jake Malchuski (BSV), Dec 12-6.

170 — Luke Entzel (MBS) def Jeremy Van Dyke (HEL), Fall 1:31; Lance Massey (GFH) def Travis Brugman (CMR), Dec 8-3; Justin Harbison (MSN) def Michael Bertelsen (BOZ), Fall 3:06; JR Slotsve (BWH) def Cody Henderson (GFH), Dec 6-5.

182 — Alan Schmitz (CAP) def Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH), Fall 3:37; Randy Keesler (GFH) def Spenser Johnson (BWH), Fall 1:31; Doug Bertelsen (BOZ) def Darrington Gillespie (BWH), Fall 1:33; Matt Dillon (BSV) def Noah Danielson (CMR), T-Fall 20-5.

195 — Conner Gordon (MBS) def Cody Wiers (BOZ), Dec 6-1; Colter Krebill (BSH) def Lee Cannon (BUT), M-Dec 8-0; Tanner Erickson (HEL) def Jake Rebish (MSN), Fall 4:41; Keavon Buckley (BOZ) def Payton Sexe (CMR), Fall 5:04.

220 — Shig Hilborn (HEL) def Dillon Koffman (CAP), Fall 5:19; Matthew Welch (BSV) def Colin Hammock (MSN), M-Dec 9-1; Jammer Halverson (HEL) def Hunter Hart (BOZ), Dec 6-5; Eric Weaver (GFH) def Tyler Brewer (MBS), Fall 4:32.

Hwt — Jaydn Wison (MSN) def KJ Klingamam (CMR), Fall 3:31; Roberto Smith (GFH) def Axel Bladholm (KAL), Dec 3-2; Colter Miller (MBS) def Colten Rue-Zindell (GFH), Dec 7-3; Reece Quade (BSV) def Zach Dennehy (GLR), Fall 3:49.

First round consolation

98 — Grayson Miller (BSV) def Austin Cardwell (BWH), M-Dec 10-0; Tyler Casey (BUT) def Abe Stapleton (BSH), Fall 3:15; Grayson Miller (BSV) def Austin Cardwell (BWH), M-Dec 10-0; Tyler Casey (BUT) def Abe Stapleton (BSH), Fall 3:15.

106 — Michael Schmeusser (KAL) def Nathan Kennedy (BSV), Fall 4:05; Adam Oja (BOZ) def Anthony Salisbury (KAL), Fall :57.

113 — Sam Barber (GLR) def Jordan Larsen (BWH), Fall 2:04; Thorton Heppler (HEL) def Lukas DeCock (KAL), Fall 1:39; Demo Koures (MBS) def Tony Armstrong (BSV), Fall :36; Ryan Rowe (MBS) def Jed Cheff (KAL), Fall 4:29.

120 — Jake O’Malley (HEL) def Tanner Tovson (CMR), Fall 4:44; Miles Terry (KAL) def Austin Cheney (GLR), M-Dec 14-6; Tyler Ossello (BUT) def Shawn Bouchard (CAP), Fall 3:33; Austin Gabbert (KAL) def Ken Woods (MHG), Fall 2:11.

126 — Ryder Day (GLR) def Tyler Schilling (GFH), Fall :59; KJ Swanson (MBS) def Gavyn Wilson (KAL) Forf; Noah Manibusan (HEL) def Greg Contreraz (BSH), Dec 6-0; Shamus Bartmess (CAP) def Ryan Ramos (MSN), Fall 1:58.

132 — Josh Brunner (MBS) def Tanner Grubb (CMR), Fall 2:55; Garrett Tanner (GFH) def Matt Robinson (MBS), Fall 3:45; Matt Larsen (BWH) def Jack Murphy (CAP), Dec 6-2; Tyler Davis (KAL) def Tyler Eierdam (GLR), Dec 9-3.

138 — Chandler Paulson (MSN) def Willie Anderson (BUT), Dec 1-0; Cody Settle (GLR) def Ricky Clevenger (HEL), Dec 8-7; Luke Cathey (BSV) def Kaleb Ferriter (BUT), Dec 10-6; Austin Hoell (BOZ) def Carter Westphal (MBS) Forf.

145 — Arik Lybeck (GLR) def Colton Jeffrey (HEL), Dec 4-3; Chase Short (GFH) def Ryan Glenn (MBS), Fall 2:31; Caleb Rushing (CAP) def Jay Harrison (KAL), Fall 2:05; Braxton Wilcox (MBS) def Donavon Macura (GLR), Fall 1:46.

152 — Jacob Ferkin (GLR) def Brad Gossett (BOZ), Dec 5-2; Kory Broussard (CAP) def CJ Snyder (CAP), Dec 6-3; Colten McElhinney (GFH) def Korbin Sanderlin (BSV), M-Dec 9-1; Caiden Crawford (HEL) def Nate Sommers (KAL), Fall 3:02.

160 — Isaac Saenz (GLR) def Cole Gillespie (BUT), Fall 2:00; Addison Boyer (CAP) def Caleb O’Brien (HEL), Fall 4:51; Gabe Peppenger (MSN) def Jacob Van Dyke (HEL), Fall 2:30; Anthony Wright (KAL) def Randall Dougan (CAP), Fall 1:34.

170 — Nick Challeen (BUT) def Balue Chapman (BOZ), Fall 1:35; Jacob Bell (MBS) def Nick Argento (CAP), Fall 2:46; Tanner Stupack (GLR) def Cian Randall (BUT), Fall 2:16; Logan Wilson (KAL) def Michael Hanke (HEL), T-Fall 17-1.

182 — Butch Andersen (BOZ) def David Petersen (CAP), Fall 4:38; Payton Boyce (KAL) def Cy Steele (MSN), Fall 2:45; Robell Bassett (MBS) def Jack Martinich (MHG) Forf; A.J. Robinson (GLR) def Sabin Parmiter (MBS), Dec 9-3.

195 — Sheldon Fladland (CAP) def Loren Hart (BWH), Dec 6-3; Jake Riekena (MBS) def Cody Howe (KAL), Dec 8-5; Nate Williams (GFH) def Jacari Murphy (CMR), Fall 2:05; Landon Rivers (HEL) def Evan Sampson (CAP), Dec 6-3.

220 — Riley Leigh (KAL) def Pierceston Crawford (GFH), Fall 3:21.

Hwt — Andrew Brester (GLR) def JJ Ellis (BSV) Forf; Conner Lee (BUT) def Casey Tolman (HEL), Dec 5-1.

Second round consolation

98 — Devin Altenburg (CMR) def Grayson Miller (BSV), Dec 10-5; Hunter Rush (KAL) def Parker Dulaney (CAP), Fall 4:15; Garreth Erhardt (BSH) def Tyler Casey (BUT), Fall 1:31; Nick Kunz (CAP) def Isaac Renfro (MSN), Fall :25.

106 — Noah Durnell (CMR) def Michael Schmeusser (KAL), Dec 11-5; Jon Conklin (MBS) def Bryson Henningson (BUT), Fall 1:40; Wyatt Gordon (MBS) def Adam Oja (BOZ), T-Fall 15-0; Tyler Vetter (BUT) def Josh Rolfe (CAP), Fall 4:59.

113 — Tyler Meyer (GFH) def Sam Barber (GLR), Dec 6-0; Asa Hoerner (MHG) def Thorton Heppler (HEL), Fall 2:05; Caleb James (BOZ) def Demo Koures (MBS), Fall 3:26; Mason Misner (BWH) def Ryan Rowe (MBS), M-Dec 8-0.

120 — Jake Burkhalter (BSV) def Jake O’Malley (HEL), Fall 4:24; Jace Kovalicky (MSN) def Miles Terry (KAL), Fall 2:05; Devyn Harris (BOZ) def Tyler Ossello (BUT), M-Dec 17-3; Caleb Shigley (GFH) def Austin Gabbert (KAL), Fall 3:56.

126 — Ryder Day (GLR) def Johnny LaFountain (BSV), Fall 2:40; Cody Decker (GLR) def KJ Swanson (MBS), Dec 4-0; Noah Manibusan (HEL) def Braxton Henningson (BUT), Dec 8-3; Kelly Taylor (BOZ) def Shamus Bartmess (CAP), Dec 8-3.

132 — Aaron Gordon (BSV) def Josh Brunner (MBS), M-Dec 16-4; Hayden Schrull (HEL) def Garrett Tanner (GFH), Fall 2:40; Shawn Olson (MHG) def Matt Larsen (BWH), Fall 3:35; Brenton Buerkley (BSV) def Tyler Davis (KAL), M-Dec 13-3.

138 — Chandler Paulson (MSN) def Quinn Barber (GLR), Dec 6-3; Jake Marr (MSN) def Cody Settle (GLR), Fall 4:07; Ben Manion (BOZ) def Luke Cathey (BSV), Fall 2:16; Tristan Gradney (BWH) def Austin Hoell (BOZ), Dec 7-2.

145 — Joe Malchuski (BSV) def Arik Lybeck (GLR), Fall :32; Finn Johnston (BOZ) def Chase Short (GFH), Fall :58; Cooper Ryan (HEL) def Caleb Rushing (CAP), Fall 2:36; Braxton Wilcox (MBS) def Cody Morrison (BWH), Fall 1:11.

152 — Max Miller (BSV) def Jacob Ferkin (GLR), Fall 2:08; Cameron Mantel (KAL) def Kory Broussard (CAP), Fall 1:21; Tanner Brown (BWH) def Colten McElhinney (GFH), Dec 7-6; Tyller Cortez (BSH) def Caiden Crawford (HEL), Dec 6-0.

160 — Jake Malchuski (BSV) def Isaac Saenz (GLR), Fall :16; Brandon Bilbrey (GFH) def Addison Boyer (CAP), Dec 7-2; Andrew Anderson (BUT) def Gabe Peppenger (MSN), M-Dec 12-4; Nick Grasseschi (CMR) def Anthony Wright (KAL), Fall 1:37.

170 — Cody Henderson (GFH) def Nick Challeen (BUT), Dec 5-3; Jacob Bell (MBS) def Michael Bertelsen (BOZ), Fall 2:38; Tanner Stupack (GLR) def Travis Brugman (CMR), M-Dec 11-1; Jeremy Van Dyke (HEL) def Logan Wilson (KAL), Dec 5-0.

182 — Noah Danielson (CMR) def Butch Andersen (BOZ), Dec 3-2; Payton Boyce (KAL) def Darrington Gillespie (BWH), Fall 2:20; Spenser Johnson (BWH) def Robell Bassett (MBS), M-Dec 12-2; A.J. Robinson (GLR) def Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH), Fall :46.

195 — Payton Sexe (CMR) def Sheldon Fladland (CAP), Fall 2:12; Jake Rebish (MSN) def Jake Riekena (MBS), Fall :35; Lee Cannon (BUT) def Nate Williams (GFH), Fall :50; Cody Wiers (BOZ) def Landon Rivers (HEL), Fall :33.

220 — Tyler Brewer (MBS) def Payton O’Reilly (BOZ), Fall 1:17; Hunter Hart (BOZ) def Bobby Foster (BSV), Fall 1:41; Colin Hammock (MSN) def Riley Leigh (KAL), Fall :50; Dillon Koffman (CAP) def Cullen Roll (BSH), T-Fall 17-1.

Hwt — Zach Dennehy (GLR) def Andrew Brester (GLR), Fall :52; Colten Rue-Zindell (GFH) def Kael Giebink (BSH) Forf; Axel Bladholm (KAL) def Conner Lee (BUT), Fall 2:04; Justin Rock Above (BWH) def KJ Klingamam (CMR), Dec 6-0.


98 — Danny Maciel (BSV) def Cody Devall (KAL), Fall 3:32; Bjorn Schroeder (BOZ) def Justin Gibson (GLR), Fall 5:37.

106 — Tim Garcia (BSV) def Jake Hegel (MSN), Dec 8-2; Brendon Vladic (BSH) def Clay Smith (BSH), Dec 3-2.

113 — Jarren Komac (GFH) def Seth Schroeck (CAP), Fall 5:06; Quintel Fuchs (BSH) def Tim Ellinger (BSH), T-Fall 21-6.

120 — Landon Bailey (HEL) def Tyger Frye (BSH), Dec 5-3; Kenton Evans (GFH) def Kale Evenson (BOZ), Fall :32.

126 — Vito DeGidio (BOZ) def Dylan Duffalo (MSN), Dec 4-3; Tommy McMillen (GFH) def Trayson Marker (BWH), Dec 2-0.

132 — Dylan Schulte (MSN) def Dylan Veis (BSH), M-Dec 12-3; Casey Dobson (GFH) def Seth James (BOZ), Dec 5-2.

138 — Logan McGreevey (MBS) def Jace Holman (BSV), Dec 6-2; Austin Shupe (GFH) def Brodie Long (HEL), T-Fall 17-0.

145 — Levi Renz (BUT) def Gage Bentley (GFH), Dec 11-7; Koby Reyes (BWH) def Isiah Yates (CMR), Fall 5:50.

152 — Jared Dickson (CMR) def Kade Branson (MBS), Dec 8-4; Kessler Leonard (GFH) def Chance Stack (MSN), Fall :44.

160 — Walker Ferda (GFH) def Jason Riekena (MBS), Dec 6-4; Hunter Gerth (BWH) def Jace Cooley (BSV), Fall 5:12.

170 — Luke Entzel (MBS) def Lance Massey (GFH), Dec 7-0; Justin Harbison (MSN) def JR Slotsve (BWH), Dec 6-3.

182 — Randy Keesler (GFH) def Alan Schmitz (CAP), Dec 7-1; Matt Dillon (BSV) def Doug Bertelsen (BOZ), T-Fall 16-1.

195 — Colter Krebill (BSH) def Conner Gordon (MBS), Dec 5-0; Keavon Buckley (BOZ) def Tanner Erickson (HEL), Fall 1:02.

220 — Matthew Welch (BSV) def Shig Hilborn (HEL), Fall 4:51; Jammer Halverson (HEL) def Eric Weaver (GFH), Dec 4-2.

Hwt — Jaydn Wison (MSN) def Roberto Smith (GFH), Dec 6-3; Colter Miller (MBS) def Reece Quade (BSV), Dec 5-4.

Consolation quarterfinals

98 — Hunter Rush (KAL) def Devin Altenburg (CMR), Dec 6-4; Garreth Erhardt (BSH) def Nick Kunz (CAP), M-Dec 8-0.

106 — Jon Conklin (MBS) def Noah Durnell (CMR), Fall 1:23; Wyatt Gordon (MBS) def Tyler Vetter (BUT), Dec 9-3.

113 — Tyler Meyer (GFH) def Asa Hoerner (MHG), Fall 2:30; Caleb James (BOZ) def Mason Misner (BWH), Fall :43.

120 — Jace Kovalicky (MSN) def Jake Burkhalter (BSV), M-Dec 18-10; Caleb Shigley (GFH) def Devyn Harris (BOZ), Fall :48.

126 — Cody Decker (GLR) def Ryder Day (GLR) Forf; Noah Manibusan (HEL) def Kelly Taylor (BOZ), M-Dec 11-2.

132 — Aaron Gordon (BSV) def Hayden Schrull (HEL), Fall 1:49; Brenton Buerkley (BSV) def Shawn Olson (MHG), M-Dec 11-1.

138 — Jake Marr (MSN) def Chandler Paulson (MSN), Fall 2:48; Ben Manion (BOZ) def Tristan Gradney (BWH), Fall 1:44.

145 — Joe Malchuski (BSV) def Finn Johnston (BOZ), Fall 1:42; Cooper Ryan (HEL) def Braxton Wilcox (MBS), Fall 1:44.

152 — Cameron Mantel (KAL) def Max Miller (BSV), Fall 3:54; Tanner Brown (BWH) def Tyller Cortez (BSH), Dec 4-3.

160 — Brandon Bilbrey (GFH) def Jake Malchuski (BSV), Fall 3:38; Nick Grasseschi (CMR) def Andrew Anderson (BUT), Dec 9-3.

170 — Cody Henderson (GFH) def Jacob Bell (MBS), Fall 1:58; Tanner Stupack (GLR) def Jeremy Van Dyke (HEL), Dec 6-4.

182 — Noah Danielson (CMR) def Payton Boyce (KAL), Fall :50; Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH) def Spenser Johnson (BWH), Fall 2:29.

195 — Payton Sexe (CMR) def Jake Rebish (MSN), Fall 3:58; Lee Cannon (BUT) def Cody Wiers (BOZ), Dec 3-2.

220 — Hunter Hart (BOZ) def Tyler Brewer (MBS), Fall 3:14; Dillon Koffman (CAP) def Colin Hammock (MSN), Dec 7-0.

Hwt — Zach Dennehy (GLR) def Colten Rue-Zindell (GFH), Fall 2:38; Axel Bladholm (KAL) def Justin Rock Above (BWH), Fall 2:16.

Consolation semifinals

98 — Hunter Rush (KAL) def Cody Devall (KAL), Fall 4:49; Garreth Erhardt (BSH) def Justin Gibson (GLR), M-Dec 9-0.

106 — Jake Hegel (MSN) def Jon Conklin (MBS), Dec 4-1; Clay Smith (BSH) def Wyatt Gordon (MBS), Dec 5-4.

113 — Seth Schroeck (CAP) def Tyler Meyer (GFH), Fall 2:02; Caleb James (BOZ) def Tim Ellinger (BSH), M-Dec 13-0.

120 — Tyger Frye (BSH) def Jace Kovalicky (MSN) Forf; Kale Evenson (BOZ) def Caleb Shigley (GFH), M-Dec 13-2.

126 — Dylan Duffalo (MSN) def Cody Decker (GLR), Dec 2-0; Trayson Marker (BWH) def Noah Manibusan (HEL), Dec 7-4.

132 — Aaron Gordon (BSV) def Dylan Veis (BSH), Dec 13-7; Seth James (BOZ) def Brenton Buerkley (BSV), Dec 6-5.

138 — Jace Holman (BSV) def Jake Marr (MSN), M-Dec 14-3; Ben Manion (BOZ) def Brodie Long (HEL), Fall 2:35.

145 — Joe Malchuski (BSV) def Gage Bentley (GFH), Dec 5-2; Cooper Ryan (HEL) def Isiah Yates (CMR), Dec 3-1.

152 — Kade Branson (MBS) def Cameron Mantel (KAL), Dec 13-8; Chance Stack (MSN) def Tanner Brown (BWH), Fall 1:27.

160 — Jason Riekena (MBS) def Brandon Bilbrey (GFH), M-Dec 14-2; Nick Grasseschi (CMR) def Jace Cooley (BSV), Dec 5-4.

170 — Cody Henderson (GFH) def Lance Massey (GFH), Dec 3-2; Tanner Stupack (GLR) def JR Slotsve (BWH), Dec 5-4.

182 — Alan Schmitz (CAP) def Noah Danielson (CMR), Fall 2:34; Doug Bertelsen (BOZ) def Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH), Fall 1:19.

195 — Payton Sexe (CMR) def Conner Gordon (MBS), Dec 5-3; Lee Cannon (BUT) def Tanner Erickson (HEL), Dec 4-2.

220 — Hunter Hart (BOZ) def Shig Hilborn (HEL), Fall 2:15; Eric Weaver (GFH) def Dillon Koffman (CAP), Dec 8-4.

Hwt — Roberto Smith (GFH) def Zach Dennehy (GLR), Fall 1:39; Axel Bladholm (KAL) def Reece Quade (BSV), Fall :41.

Fifth place

98 — Justin Gibson (GLR) def. Cody Devall (KAL), 4-2

106 — Jon Conklin (MBS) pinned Wyatt Gordon (MBS), 4:46

113 — Tyler Meyer (GFH) dec. Tim Ellinger (BSH), 5-0

120 — Caleb Shigley (GFH) def. Jace Kovalicky (MSN), forfeit

126 — Cody Decker (GLR) pinned Noah Manibusan (HEL), 4:03

132 — Brenton Buerkley (BSV) dec. Dylan Veis (BSH), 8-4

138 — Jake Marr (MSN) dec. Brodie Long (HEL), 7-2

145 — Isiah Yates (CMR) dec. Gage Bentley (GFH), 8-7

152 — Tanner Brown (BWH) pinned Cameron Mantel (KAL), 2:23

160 — Jace Cooley (BSV) major dec. Brandon Bilbrey (GFH), 8-0

170 — Lance Massey (GFH) pinned J.R. Slotsve (BWH), 2:14

182 — Mateo Amado-Cattaneo (GFH) dec. Noah Danielson (CMR), 7-4

195 — Conner Gordon (MBS) dec. Tanner Erickson (HEL), 5-2

220 — Dillon Koffman (CAP) dec. Shig Hilborn (HEL), 11-4

Hwt — Reece Quade (BSV) dec. Zach Dennehy (GLR), 4-0

Third place

98 — Garreth Erhardt (BSH) major dec. Hunter Rush (KAL), 10-0

106 — Jake Hegel (MSN) dec. Clay Smith (BSH), 4-2

113 — Seth Schroeck (CAP) pinned Caleb James (BOZ), 3:48

120 — Tyger Frye (BSH) dec. Kale Evenson (BOZ), 4-2

126 — Dylan Duffalo (MSN) pinned Trayson Marker (BWH), 3:44

132 — Seth James (BOZ) pinned Aaron Gordon (BSV), 2:48

138 — Jace Holman (BSV) major dec. Ben Manion (BOZ), 11-0

145 — Cooper Ryan (HEL) dec. Joe Malchuski (BSV), 3-1

152 — Kade Branson (MBS) pinned Chance Stack (MSN), 1:27

160 — Jason Riekena (MBS) pinned Nick Grasseschi (CMR), 4:29

170 — Tanner Stupack (GLR) pinned Cody Henderson, 4:18

182 — Alan Schmitz (CAP) def. Doug Bertelsen (BOZ), forfeit

195 — Payton Sexe (CMR) def. Lee Cannon (BUT), forfeit

220 — Eric Weaver (GFH) dec. Dillon Koffman (CAP), 8-4

Hwt — Roberto Smith (GFH) dec. Axel Bladholm (KAL), 7-5


98 — Bjorn Schroeder (BOZ) pinned Danny Maciel (BSV), 4:41

106 — Tim Garcia (BSV) dec. Brendon Vladic (BSH), 3-2

113 — Jarren Komac (GFH) pinned Quintel Fuchs (BSH), 2:58

120 — Landon Bailey (HEL) major dec. Kenton Evans (GFH), 15-5

126 — Tommy McMillen (GFH) dec. Vito DeGidio (BOZ), 4-1

132 — Casey Dobson (GFH) dec. Dylan Schulte (MSN), 4-0

138 — Austin Shupe (GFH) major dec. Logan McGreevey (MBS), 10-2

145 — Levi Renz (BUT) dec. Koby Reyes (BWH), 5:50

152 — Kessler Leonard (GFH) dec. Jared Dickson (CMR), 4-3

160 — Walker Ferda (GFH) major dec. Hunter Gerth (BWH), 10-2

170 — Luke Entzel (MBS) dec. Justin Harbison (MSN), 2-1

182 — Matt Dillon (BSV) dec. Randy Kessler (GFH), 2-1

195 — Keavon Buckley (BOZ) pinned Colter Krebill (BSH), 1:46

220 — Matthew Welch (BSV) dec. Jammer Halverson (HEL), 5-1

Hwt — Jaydn Wilson (MSN) pinned Colter Miller (MBS), 5-4


Class A Results

Team abbreviations

Anaconda (ANA), Dillon (DIL), Belgrade (BEL), Billings Central (CEN), Browning (BRW), Butte Central (BUC), Columbia Falls (CFS), Corvallis (COR), Miles City (MCY), Glendive (GLE), Lewistown (LEW), Frenchtown (FTN), Hamilton (HAM), Hardin (HAR), Havre (HAV), Laurel (LAU), Libby (LIB), Livingston (LIV), Polson (POL), Sidney (SID), Stevensville (STV), Whitefish (WFH).

Final team scores

Havre 294.5, Sidney 268.5, Columbia Falls 172, Belgrade 155, Hardin 140, Corvallis 109.5, Frenchtown 96, Anaconda 88, Dillon 86.5, Polson 73, Hamilton 63, Libby 61, Glendive 59, Lewistown 56.5, Laurel 41.5, Butte Central 30, Billings Central 29, Browning 26.5, Whitefish 19, Miles City 13, Stevensville 7, Livingston 6.

First round

98 — Eric LaFontaine (HAR) def Kai Krumweide (LEW), Fall :21; Abi Gontarek (LAU) def Brandon Rockwell (BEL), Dec 10-8.

106 — Kohltin Starkel (DIL) def Dillon Thorsteinson (WFH), Fall 1:36; Winfield West (CFS) def Will Wissenbach (COR), Dec 6-2; Carson Meyer (ANA) def Thunder Morales (POL), Fall 4:57.

113 — Clay Stillwagon (BUC) def Cody Hedeen (POL), Fall 1:13; Brandt Ackerman (GLE) def Phillip Rising Sun (HAR), Fall 1:47; Cade Livoti (FTN) def Casey Christian (SID), Dec 2-1; Mason Fetters (CFS) def Sam Peterson (DIL), Fall 1:13; Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Jordan Shovar (LAU), Fall :32; Trey Smollack (ANA) def Jaron Morgan (POL), Dec 9-2; James Buckley (WFH) def Sean Galloway (COR), Dec 5-3; Trace Jones (SID) def Kelly Dailey (ANA), Fall :53.

120 — Chase Conner (COR) def Dylan Roby (LIB), Fall 1:48; Zach Wall (CEN) def Shade Noble (BEL), Fall 2:48; Clayton Carter (LAU) def Chad Landers (LEW), Dec 9-2; Kalob Gravelin (CFS) def Kwin Stoddard (DIL), Fall 1:33; Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Brandon Blumhagen (MCY), Fall 1:13; Jaben Wenzel (POL) def Paul Allsop (COR), Dec 5-0; Preston Downard (FTN) def Brandon Bisch (ANA), Fall 3:15; Gresh Jones (SID) def Haden Mushrush (LIV), Fall :23.

126 — Josh Venema (COR) def Skylar Knutson (POL), M-Dec 14-1; Chandler Metcalf (HAR) def Dane Flammond (HAV), Dec 7-1; Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Connor Ludwig (LAU), Fall 1:05; Shonn Roberts (CFS) def Bridger Nelson (DIL), Fall 2:39; Hunter Grover (LEW) def Anthony James (GLE), Fall 1:57; Carlos Quinones (POL) def Isaac Faughn (HAM), Fall :45; Coltin Cox (HAM) def Tyler Ishler (FTN), Dec 9-5; Ethan Graves (SID) def Isaac Wippert (BRW), Fall :48.

132 — Gunnar Fairbrother (COR) def Calvin Racine (BRW), Fall :57; Skyler Higareda (LIB) def Pat Comstock (CEN), Fall :36; Layne Schaefer (SID) def Bryce Williams (FTN), Fall 1:27; Jarrett Degen (BEL) def Manny Rivera (HAM), Fall 3:36; Dillon Tennant (GLE) def Wyatt Green (CFS), Fall 3:02; Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Donivan Williams (COR), Fall 1:36; Robert Few (HAM) def Billy Birdwell (LEW), Dec 3-1; Haze Bell (CFS) def R J Gill (LAU), M-Dec 13-3.

138 — Tylor Olsen (COR) def Chris Swanson (LIV), Fall :57; Bryant Dorn (HAR) def Jonathon Blanchard (FTN), Fall 3:42; Colton Gove (CFS) def Braydon Rooks (SID), Fall 4:59; Parker Filius (HAV) def Brevlin Thompson (ANA), Fall 1:03; Jordan Stevens (SID) def Chase Ramberg (CFS), M-Dec 13-2; Lyle Degen (BEL) def Ben Crews (STV), Fall 3:21; Zach Hart (BUC) def Gunnar Aageson (HAV), Dec 3-0; Zach Crace (LIB) def Brett McBurney (LAU), Fall 1:16.

145 — Bryan Armstrong (ANA) def Braden Fitzgerald (LIV), Fall 3:27; Zayne Brunz (CFS) def Patrick Toyne (HAR), M-Dec 9-1; Jon Lemon (HAR) def Judah Prestegaard (WFH), Dec 6-2; Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Austin Olsen (DIL), Fall 1:04; Ryan Chatterton (SID) def Storm Kemppainen (CFS), Fall 3:00; Thad Kucera (LEW) def Baylee Burt (COR), Fall 2:48; Zeus Rutherford (BRW) def Easton Albert (HAM), T-Fall 15-0; Cody Lemons (FTN) def Matt Kale (CEN), Fall :31.

152 — Mason Mavrinac (ANA) def Clayton Linville (LIV), Fall 1:12; Matthew Sampson (WFH) def Doug Rooney (SID), Fall 3:13; John Preller (LAU) def Braydan Thom (LIB), Fall 2:43; Jase Stokes (HAV) def Sean Cooney (BUC), Fall 1:57; Shawn Purcell (HAR) def Dylan Parrish (LIB), Fall 3:17; Noah Criner (BEL) def Patrick Griffin (DIL), Fall 2:41; Riley Jessop (COR) def Brandon Gilham (BRW), Fall 3:54; Bryan Schaffer (CFS) def Austin Pitsch (HAR), Fall 1:13.

160 — Wyatt Jessop (COR) def Bradley Denton (LEW), Fall 1:32; Kyle Cannon (LAU) def Tyler King (FTN), Fall :59; Tanner Delp (HAR) def Marcus Jackson (WFH), Fall :53; Keevan Pickle (BEL) def J J Zenahlik (ANA), Fall 1:59; Cody Johnson (SID) def Josh Sundgren (MCY), Fall :29; Jared Laux (HAV) def Braden Loveless (STV), Fall 1:46; Justin Hinson (HAM) def Jordan Perino (LIV), Fall 3:24; Cody Walters (CFS) def Tyler Kutzler (GLE), Dec 7-2.

170 — Ethan Reich (ANA) def Lyn Cooper (CEN), Fall 1:48; Doug Womack (FTN) def Devin Blythe (LEW), Fall 5:15; Tel Motichka (POL) def Grady Blewett (BEL), Dec 8-1; Cody Christian (SID) def Mason Griffin (STV), Fall 1:20; Jake Williams (HAV) def Jason Williams (CFS), Fall 3:53; Justin Stewart (HAR) def Tucker Jessop (COR), Fall 4:28; Casey Fredericks (HAR) def Zach Tompkins (HAM), Dec 7-6; Garret Chapel (LIB) def Kiin Salois (BRW), Fall :42.

182 — Phil Vial (DIL) def Brandon Becker (HAR), Dec 9-2; Raven Cunningham (BEL) def Cole Allen (FTN), Fall 1:42; Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Ike Schwiekert (CFS), Fall 1:38; Dace Fisher (SID) def Tyler Scheffer (HAM), M-Dec 15-4; Ethan Blythe (LEW) def Travis Catina (WFH), Fall :48; Philip Whitney (HAM) def Kyle Howe (LAU), Fall :54; Connor Murdock (HAR) def Sam Burdette (COR), Fall 2:59; Tele Seemann (POL) def Cody Lucke (BRW), Dec 2-0.

195 — Parker Tezak (DIL) def Braden Watson (CEN), M-Dec 16-4; Jaden Bryant (BEL) def Matt Carr (WFH), Fall :27; William Ollinger (BRW) def Nathan Bennett (FTN), Fall 3:40; Dayton Cogdill (CEN) def Kyle Behner (STV), Fall 3:59; Jace Billy (HAV) def Andrew Burgess (CFS), Fall 1:42; Michael Bumgarner (HAM) def Austin Kendall (SID), Fall :38; Monty Jessop (COR) def Garrett Darby (SID), Fall 5:04; John Chinadle (HAV) def Mike Corrigan (POL), Fall 2:33.

220 — Tyler Adams (HAV) def Mikey Denison (CFS), Fall :53; Isaiah Williams (POL) def Bryce Blumenshein (BEL), Fall 4:29; Hunter Severson (SID) def Jake Michelotti (BUC), Fall 2:47; Travis Adams (HAV) def Kordale Behner (STV), Fall 1:40; Zach Brown (HAM) def Caid Dickman (MCY), Fall :55; Xavier Scott (HAR) def Mic Weatherbee (DIL), Fall 2:14; Rand Pritzkau (FTN) def Ethan Meyers (DIL), Fall :48.

Hwt — Donovan Hucke (DIL) def Robert Becker (HAR), Fall 1:23; Austin Krone (STV) def Jordan Murillo (BEL), Fall :52; Steven Quimby (WFH) def Terydon Hall (BRW), Fall 1:55; Christian Gomez (SID) def Cole Schmitt (COR), Fall 2:09; Weston Marsh (CEN) def Peter Townes (LIV), Dec 5-1; Bryce Wigert (ANA) def Hunter Herbaugh (GLE), Fall 1:08; Cordell Lott (COR) def Cord Murray (MCY), Fall :56; Spencer Ross (CFS) def Cameron Carter (BEL), Fall :08.


98 — Eric LaFontaine (HAR) def Noah Brown (STV), Fall 1:00; Caleb Bagnell (FTN) def Abi Gontarek (LAU), Fall 4:54; Sawyer Degen (BEL) def Manny Guzman (CFS), Fall 2:52; Travis Kinn (GLE) def Garrett Passey (HAM), Fall 1:01.

106 — Kohltin Starkel (DIL) def Payten Batalden (LAU), Fall 3:27; Cody Warner (FTN) def Ethan Schaff (MCY), Fall 1:09; Keegan Kennelly (HAV) def Winfield West (CFS), Fall 1:49; Wyatt VanBuren (SID) def Carson Meyer (ANA), Fall 3:12.

113 — Clay Stillwagon (BUC) def Brandt Ackerman (GLE), Fall :46; Mason Fetters (CFS) def Cade Livoti (FTN), Fall :53; Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Trey Smollack (ANA), Dec 11-6; Trace Jones (SID) def James Buckley (WFH), Fall :29.

120 — Chase Conner (COR) def Zach Wall (CEN), Fall 4:56; Clayton Carter (LAU) def Kalob Gravelin (CFS), Dec 11-4; Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Jaben Wenzel (POL), Fall :44; Gresh Jones (SID) def Preston Downard (FTN), Fall :25.

126 — Josh Venema (COR) def Chandler Metcalf (HAR), Dec 3-2; Shonn Roberts (CFS) def Dylan Stewart (HAV), Fall :57; Hunter Grover (LEW) def Carlos Quinones (POL), Fall 4:41; Ethan Graves (SID) def Coltin Cox (HAM), Dec 9-6.

132 — Skyler Higareda (LIB) def Gunnar Fairbrother (COR), Dec 5-3; Jarrett Degen (BEL) def Layne Schaefer (SID), Fall 4:00; Dillon Tennant (GLE) def Thomas Gruber (HAV), Dec 2-1; Haze Bell (CFS) def Robert Few (HAM), Dec 3-2.

138 — Tylor Olsen (COR) def Bryant Dorn (HAR), Fall 5:50; Parker Filius (HAV) def Colton Gove (CFS), Fall 3:15; Jordan Stevens (SID) def Lyle Degen (BEL), Fall :57; Zach Crace (LIB) def Zach Hart (BUC), Fall :31.

145 — Bryan Armstrong (ANA) def Zayne Brunz (CFS), Dec 5-1; Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Jon Lemon (HAR), T-Fall 15-0; Ryan Chatterton (SID) def Thad Kucera (LEW), Fall 4:57; Cody Lemons (FTN) def Zeus Rutherford (BRW), Fall :44.

152 — Mason Mavrinac (ANA) def Matthew Sampson (WFH), Fall 1:38; Jase Stokes (HAV) def John Preller (LAU), Fall 4:41; Shawn Purcell (HAR) def Noah Criner (BEL), Fall 2:33; Bryan Schaffer (CFS) def Riley Jessop (COR), Dec 3-2.

160 — Wyatt Jessop (COR) def Kyle Cannon (LAU), T-Fall 16-1; Keevan Pickle (BEL) def Tanner Delp (HAR), Dec 5-1; Cody Johnson (SID) def Jared Laux (HAV), Fall 2:28; Justin Hinson (HAM) def Cody Walters (CFS), Dec 7-2.

170 — Doug Womack (FTN) def Ethan Reich (ANA), Fall 5:21; Cody Christian (SID) def Tel Motichka (POL), Dec 7-6; Jake Williams (HAV) def Justin Stewart (HAR), Fall 1:16; Garret Chapel (LIB) def Casey Fredericks (HAR), Fall 1:42.

182 — Raven Cunningham (BEL) def Phil Vial (DIL), M-Dec 12-3; Dace Fisher (SID) def Dustin Odegard (HAV), Dec 8-3; Ethan Blythe (LEW) def Philip Whitney (HAM), T-Fall 17-1; Connor Murdock (HAR) def Tele Seemann (POL), Fall 3:01.

195 — Jaden Bryant (BEL) def Parker Tezak (DIL), Dec 5-0; William Ollinger (BRW) def Dayton Cogdill (CEN), Fall 5:23; Jace Billy (HAV) def Michael Bumgarner (HAM), Fall 3:34; Monty Jessop (COR) def John Chinadle (HAV), Fall 4:48.

220 — Tyler Adams (HAV) def Luke Channer (COR), Fall 4:44; Hunter Severson (SID) def Isaiah Williams (POL), Dec 4-2; Travis Adams (HAV) def Zach Brown (HAM), Fall 3:09; Rand Pritzkau (FTN) def Xavier Scott (HAR), Fall 1:48.

Hwt — Donovan Hucke (DIL) def Austin Krone (STV), Fall :46; Christian Gomez (SID) def Steven Quimby (WFH), Fall 1:07; Bryce Wigert (ANA) def Weston Marsh (CEN), Fall :14; Spencer Ross (CFS) def Cordell Lott (COR), Fall 1:06.

First round consolation

98 — No matches.

106 — No matches.

113 — Phillip Rising Sun (HAR) def Cody Hedeen (POL), Fall 2:50; Casey Christian (SID) def Sam Peterson (DIL), Fall 2:14; Jaron Morgan (POL) def Jordan Shovar (LAU), Dec 5-0; Sean Galloway (COR) def Kelly Dailey (ANA), Fall 2:15.

120 — Dylan Roby (LIB) def Shade Noble (BEL), Fall 1:33; Kwin Stoddard (DIL) def Chad Landers (LEW), Fall 2:43; Paul Allsop (COR) def Brandon Blumhagen (MCY), Dec 3-0; Brandon Bisch (ANA) def Haden Mushrush (LIV), Fall 1:42.

126 — Dane Flammond (HAV) def Skylar Knutson (POL), Dec 6-3; Connor Ludwig (LAU) def Bridger Nelson (DIL), Dec 7-1; Anthony James (GLE) def Isaac Faughn (HAM), Fall 3:12; Tyler Ishler (FTN) def Isaac Wippert (BRW), Fall 3:33.

132 — Pat Comstock (CEN) def Calvin Racine (BRW), Fall 3:51; Manny Rivera (HAM) def Bryce Williams (FTN), Fall 2:57; Wyatt Green (CFS) def Donivan Williams (COR), Fall 4:12; Billy Birdwell (LEW) def R J Gill (LAU), Dec 8-4.

138 — Chris Swanson (LIV) def Jonathon Blanchard (FTN), Fall 4:20; Braydon Rooks (SID) def Brevlin Thompson (ANA), M-Dec 14-5; Chase Ramberg (CFS) def Ben Crews (STV), Fall 3:58; Gunnar Aageson (HAV) def Brett McBurney (LAU), Fall 1:38.

145 — Patrick Toyne (HAR) def Braden Fitzgerald (LIV), Fall 4:33; Judah Prestegaard (WFH) def Austin Olsen (DIL), Fall :41; Baylee Burt (COR) def Storm Kemppainen (CFS), Dec 2-0; Easton Albert (HAM) def Matt Kale (CEN), Fall 4:37.

152 — Clayton Linville (LIV) def Doug Rooney (SID), Fall 2:33; Sean Cooney (BUC) def Braydan Thom (LIB), Fall 1:22; Patrick Griffin (DIL) def Dylan Parrish (LIB), Fall 2:05; Austin Pitsch (HAR) def Brandon Gilham (BRW), Dec 12-6.

160 — Bradley Denton (LEW) def Tyler King (FTN), Fall 2:41; J J Zenahlik (ANA) def Marcus Jackson (WFH), Fall 3:34; Braden Loveless (STV) def Josh Sundgren (MCY), Fall :41; Tyler Kutzler (GLE) def Jordan Perino (LIV), Dec 5-2.

170 — Devin Blythe (LEW) def Lyn Cooper (CEN), Fall 4:02; Grady Blewett (BEL) def Mason Griffin (STV), Fall 2:46; Jason Williams (CFS) def Tucker Jessop (COR), Dec 7-2; Kiin Salois (BRW) def Zach Tompkins (HAM), M-Dec 12-2.

182 — Brandon Becker (HAR) def Cole Allen (FTN), Fall 4:08; Tyler Scheffer (HAM) def Ike Schwiekert (CFS), Fall 2:39; Kyle Howe (LAU) def Travis Catina (WFH), Fall 2:01; Cody Lucke (BRW) def Sam Burdette (COR), Dec 5-2.

195 — Braden Watson (CEN) def Matt Carr (WFH), Fall 2:49; Nathan Bennett (FTN) def Kyle Behner (STV), Dec 9-3; Andrew Burgess (CFS) def Austin Kendall (SID), Fall 1:42; Mike Corrigan (POL) def Garrett Darby (SID), Fall 3:54.

220 — Bryce Blumenshein (BEL) def Jake Michelotti (BUC), Fall :59; Caid Dickman (MCY) def Kordale Behner (STV), Dec 13-11; Mic Weatherbee (DIL) def Ethan Meyers (DIL), Fall :41.

Hwt — Robert Becker (HAR) def Jordan Murillo (BEL), Fall 3:14; Cole Schmitt (COR) def Terydon Hall (BRW), Fall :41; Hunter Herbaugh (GLE) def Peter Townes (LIV), Fall 2:13; Cord Murray (MCY) def Cameron Carter (BEL), Fall :31.

Second round consolation

98 — Garrett Passey (HAM) def Kai Krumweide (LEW), Dec 7-5; Manny Guzman (CFS) def Brandon Rockwell (BEL), Fall 1:36.

106 — Carson Meyer (ANA) def Dillon Thorsteinson (WFH), Fall 4:30; Will Wissenbach (COR) def Ethan Schaff (MCY), Fall 3:41; Thunder Morales (POL) def Payten Batalden (LAU), Fall 1:45.

113 — James Buckley (WFH) def Phillip Rising Sun (HAR), M-Dec 12-3; Casey Christian (SID) def Trey Smollack (ANA), Fall 2:53; Jaron Morgan (POL) def Cade Livoti (FTN), Dec 1-0; Brandt Ackerman (GLE) def Sean Galloway (COR), Fall 1:32.

120 — Preston Downard (FTN) def Dylan Roby (LIB), Fall 4:03; Kwin Stoddard (DIL) def Jaben Wenzel (POL), M-Dec 12-2; Kalob Gravelin (CFS) def Paul Allsop (COR), M-Dec 10-1; Zach Wall (CEN) def Brandon Bisch (ANA), M-Dec 16-2.

126 — Coltin Cox (HAM) def Dane Flammond (HAV), Dec 5-4; Carlos Quinones (POL) def Connor Ludwig (LAU), Fall 4:23; Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Anthony James (GLE), Fall :18; Tyler Ishler (FTN) def Chandler Metcalf (HAR), Fall 4:47.

132 — Robert Few (HAM) def Pat Comstock (CEN), Dec 11-7; Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Manny Rivera (HAM), Fall 2:15; Layne Schaefer (SID) def Wyatt Green (CFS), Dec 7-2; Gunnar Fairbrother (COR) def Billy Birdwell (LEW), M-Dec 11-2.

138 — Zach Hart (BUC) def Chris Swanson (LIV), Dec 7-3; Lyle Degen (BEL) def Braydon Rooks (SID), Dec 11-6; Colton Gove (CFS) def Chase Ramberg (CFS), Fall 4:06; Bryant Dorn (HAR) def Gunnar Aageson (HAV), Fall 4:09.

145 — Zeus Rutherford (BRW) def Patrick Toyne (HAR), Fall 2:41; Thad Kucera (LEW) def Judah Prestegaard (WFH), Dec 7-0; Jon Lemon (HAR) def Baylee Burt (COR), Fall 4:55; Zayne Brunz (CFS) def Easton Albert (HAM), M-Dec 14-4.

152 — Riley Jessop (COR) def Clayton Linville (LIV), M-Dec 12-3; Noah Criner (BEL) def Sean Cooney (BUC), Dec 7-1; John Preller (LAU) def Patrick Griffin (DIL), Dec 8-6; Matthew Sampson (WFH) def Austin Pitsch (HAR), Fall 1:30.

160 — Cody Walters (CFS) def Bradley Denton (LEW), Fall 1:21; Jared Laux (HAV) def J J Zenahlik (ANA), Fall 1:53; Tanner Delp (HAR) def Braden Loveless (STV), Fall :59; Tyler Kutzler (GLE) def Kyle Cannon (LAU), Fall 4:38.

170 — Casey Fredericks (HAR) def Devin Blythe (LEW), Fall 4:49; Grady Blewett (BEL) def Justin Stewart (HAR), Dec 8-1; Tel Motichka (POL) def Jason Williams (CFS), Dec 8-4; Ethan Reich (ANA) def Kiin Salois (BRW), Fall 2:40.

182 — Tele Seemann (POL) def Brandon Becker (HAR), Dec 14-12; Tyler Scheffer (HAM) def Philip Whitney (HAM), Fall 4:04; Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Kyle Howe (LAU), Fall 1:26; Phil Vial (DIL) def Cody Lucke (BRW), Dec 7-4.

195 — John Chinadle (HAV) def Braden Watson (CEN), M-Dec 14-4; Michael Bumgarner (HAM) def Nathan Bennett (FTN), Fall 1:14; Dayton Cogdill (CEN) def Andrew Burgess (CFS), Dec 6-4; Parker Tezak (DIL) def Mike Corrigan (POL), M-Dec 19-10.

220 — Mikey Denison (CFS) def Xavier Scott (HAR), Dec 12-8; Bryce Blumenshein (BEL) def Zach Brown (HAM), Dec 5-0; Isaiah Williams (POL) def Caid Dickman (MCY), Fall 2:39; Luke Channer (COR) def Mic Weatherbee (DIL), Fall 4:20.

Hwt — Robert Becker (HAR) def Cordell Lott (COR), Fall 4:00; Cole Schmitt (COR) def Weston Marsh (CEN), Fall :44; Steven Quimby (WFH) def Hunter Herbaugh (GLE), Dec 5-4; Cord Murray (MCY) def Austin Krone (STV), Fall 4:48.


98 — Eric LaFontaine (HAR) def Caleb Bagnell (FTN), M-Dec 8-0; Sawyer Degen (BEL) def Travis Kinn (GLE), Dec 5-4.

106 — Kohltin Starkel (DIL) def Cody Warner (FTN), M-Dec 10-0; Keegan Kennelly (HAV) def Wyatt VanBuren (SID), Fall 1:27.

113 — Clay Stillwagon (BUC) def Mason Fetters (CFS), Fall 1:22; Trace Jones (SID) def Logan Pleninger (HAV), Dec 7-1.

120 — Chase Conner (COR) def Clayton Carter (LAU), Dec 3-2; Gresh Jones (SID) def Grayson Brenna (HAV), Dec 8-6.

126 — Shonn Roberts (CFS) def Josh Venema (COR), Fall 5:38; Ethan Graves (SID) def Hunter Grover (LEW), Dec 8-5.

132 — Jarrett Degen (BEL) def Skyler Higareda (LIB), Fall 2:55; Dillon Tennant (GLE) def Haze Bell (CFS), Fall 2:53.

138 — Parker Filius (HAV) def Tylor Olsen (COR), M-Dec 10-0; Jordan Stevens (SID) def Zach Crace (LIB), Dec 3-2.

145 — Bryan Armstrong (ANA) def Kody Pribyl (HAV), Dec 7-4; Ryan Chatterton (SID) def Cody Lemons (FTN), Fall 5:07.

152 — Jase Stokes (HAV) def Mason Mavrinac (ANA), Fall 1:07; Bryan Schaffer (CFS) def Shawn Purcell (HAR), Dec 4-3.

160 — Keevan Pickle (BEL) def Wyatt Jessop (COR), Fall 5:00; Cody Johnson (SID) def Justin Hinson (HAM), T-Fall 16-1.

170 — Cody Christian (SID) def Doug Womack (FTN), M-Dec 13-5; Garret Chapel (LIB) def Jake Williams (HAV), Dec 2-1.

182 — Dace Fisher (SID) def Raven Cunningham (BEL), Dec 6-2; Ethan Blythe (LEW) def Connor Murdock (HAR), Dec 5-4.

195 — Jaden Bryant (BEL) def William Ollinger (BRW), Fall 2:21; Jace Billy (HAV) def Monty Jessop (COR), Fall :58.

220 — Tyler Adams (HAV) def Hunter Severson (SID), Fall 1:05; Travis Adams (HAV) def Rand Pritzkau (FTN), Fall :43.

Hwt — Donovan Hucke (DIL) def Christian Gomez (SID), Fall 2:42; Bryce Wigert (ANA) def Spencer Ross (CFS), Fall 3:25.

Consolation quarterfinals

98 — Manny Guzman (CFS) def Garrett Passey (HAM), Fall 2:22; Abi Gontarek (LAU) def Noah Brown (STV), Dec 7-4.

106 — Winfield West (CFS) def Carson Meyer (ANA), Dec 10-3; Thunder Morales (POL) def Will Wissenbach (COR), Fall 1:27.

113 — Casey Christian (SID) def James Buckley (WFH), Fall 4:21; Jaron Morgan (POL) def Brandt Ackerman (GLE), Dec 4-2.

120 — Kwin Stoddard (DIL) def Preston Downard (FTN), T-Fall 15-0; Zach Wall (CEN) def Kalob Gravelin (CFS), Fall 4:45.

126 — Carlos Quinones (POL) def Coltin Cox (HAM), Dec 9-3; Dylan Stewart (HAV) def Tyler Ishler (FTN), Fall 2:15.

132 — Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Robert Few (HAM), M-Dec 15-2; Layne Schaefer (SID) def Gunnar Fairbrother (COR), Dec 5-0.

138 — Lyle Degen (BEL) def Zach Hart (BUC), Dec 4-3; Bryant Dorn (HAR) def Colton Gove (CFS), Fall 2:06.

145 — Zeus Rutherford (BRW) def Thad Kucera (LEW), Fall 4:28; Zayne Brunz (CFS) def Jon Lemon (HAR), Fall 4:14.

152 — Riley Jessop (COR) def Noah Criner (BEL), Dec 8-2; John Preller (LAU) def Matthew Sampson (WFH), Fall 4:11.

160 — Cody Walters (CFS) def Jared Laux (HAV), M-Dec 9-0; Tanner Delp (HAR) def Tyler Kutzler (GLE), M-Dec 8-0.

170 — Casey Fredericks (HAR) def Grady Blewett (BEL), Dec 7-5; Tel Motichka (POL) def Ethan Reich (ANA), Dec 4-1.

182 — Tele Seemann (POL) def Tyler Scheffer (HAM), Dec 4-2; Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Phil Vial (DIL), Dec 10-4.

195 — Michael Bumgarner (HAM) def John Chinadle (HAV), Fall :38; Parker Tezak (DIL) def Dayton Cogdill (CEN), Dec 7-5.

220 — Bryce Blumenshein (BEL) def Mikey Denison (CFS), Fall 1:43; Isaiah Williams (POL) def Luke Channer (COR), Dec 2-2.

Hwt — Robert Becker (HAR) def Cole Schmitt (COR), Fall 3:57; Cord Murray (MCY) def Steven Quimby (WFH), Fall 1:41.

Consolation semifinals

98 — Caleb Bagnell (FTN) def Manny Guzman (CFS), Fall 1:37; Travis Kinn (GLE) def Abi Gontarek (LAU), Fall :19.

106 — Winfield West (CFS) def Cody Warner (FTN), Dec 9-2; Wyatt VanBuren (SID) def Thunder Morales (POL), Fall 2:49.

113 — Mason Fetters (CFS) def Casey Christian (SID), Fall 2:13; Logan Pleninger (HAV) def Jaron Morgan (POL), Dec 5-2.

120 — Clayton Carter (LAU) def Kwin Stoddard (DIL), T-Fall 15-0; Grayson Brenna (HAV) def Zach Wall (CEN), Dec 9-8.

126 — Carlos Quinones (POL) def Josh Venema (COR), Dec 4-3; Hunter Grover (LEW) def Dylan Stewart (HAV), Dec 8-1.

132 — Thomas Gruber (HAV) def Skyler Higareda (LIB), M-Dec 8-0; Layne Schaefer (SID) def Haze Bell (CFS), M-Dec 13-5.

138 — Lyle Degen (BEL) def Tylor Olsen (COR), Dec 5-4; Zach Crace (LIB) def Bryant Dorn (HAR), Fall 2:44.

145 — Kody Pribyl (HAV) def Zeus Rutherford (BRW), Dec 3-2; Cody Lemons (FTN) def Zayne Brunz (CFS), Fall 2:12.

152 — Mason Mavrinac (ANA) def Riley Jessop (COR), Fall :53; Shawn Purcell (HAR) def John Preller (LAU), Dec 3-1.

160 — Cody Walters (CFS) def Wyatt Jessop (COR) Forf; Justin Hinson (HAM) def Tanner Delp (HAR), Dec 5-4.

170 — Casey Fredericks (HAR) def Doug Womack (FTN), Dec 2-0; Tel Motichka (POL) def Jake Williams (HAV), Dec 3-1.

182 — Raven Cunningham (BEL) def Tele Seemann (POL), Dec 7-0; Dustin Odegard (HAV) def Connor Murdock (HAR), Dec 3-1.

195 — Michael Bumgarner (HAM) def William Ollinger (BRW), Fall 3:34; Monty Jessop (COR) def Parker Tezak (DIL), Dec 6-5.

220 — Bryce Blumenshein (BEL) def Hunter Severson (SID), Fall 1:41; Rand Pritzkau (FTN) def Isaiah Williams (POL), Fall 1:47.

Hwt — Christian Gomez (SID) def Robert Becker (HAR), Fall :53; Spencer Ross (CFS) def Cord Murray (MCY), Dec 3-2.

Fifth place

98 — Abi Gontarek (LAU) dec. Manny Guzman (CFS), 6-4

106 — Thunder Morales (POL) def. Cody Warner (FTN), forfeit

113 — Jaron Morgan (POL) dec. Casey Christian (SID), 7-3

120 — Zach Wall (CEN) def. Kwin Stoddard (DIL), DQ, 2:31

126 — Dylan Stewart (HAV) dec. Josh Venema (COR), 1-0

132 — Skyler (Higareda (LIB) dec. Haze Bell (CFS), 3-0

138 — Tylor Olsen (COR) major dec. Bryant Dorn (HAR), 12-3

145 — Zayne Brunz (CFS) dec. Zeus Rutherford (BRW), 3-0

152 — Riley Jessop (COR) dec. John Preller (LAU), 6-4

160 — Tanner Delp (HAR) def. Wyatt Jessop (COR), forfeit

170 — Jake Williams (HAV) major dec. Doug Womack (FTN), 9-0

182 — Connor Murdock (HAR) pinned Tele Seemann (POL), 2:25

195 — Parker Tezak (DIL) dec. William Ollinger (BRW), 7-4

220 — Hunter Severson (SID) pinned Isaiah Williams (POL), 2:13

Hwt — Robert Becker (HAR) dec. Cord Murray (MCY), 6-4

Third place

98 — Travis Kinn (GLE) pinned Caleb Bagnell (FTN), :52

106 — Wyatt VanBuren (SID) pinned Winfield West (CFS), 1:34

113 — Logan Pleninger (HAV) dec. Mason Fetters (CFS), 6-0

120 — Grayson Brenna (HAV), major dec. Clayton Carter (LAU), 13-0

126 — Hunter Grover (LEW) major dec. Carlos Quinones (POL), 10-2

132 — Thomas Gruber (HAV) major dec. Layne Schaefer (SID), 8-0

138 — Zach Crace (LIB) pinned Lyle Degen (BEL), :36

145 — Cody Lemons (FTN) pinned Kody Pribyl (HAV), :36

152 — Shawn Purcell (HAR) dec. Mason Mavrinac (ANA), 12-5

160 — Cody Walters (CFS) pinned Justin Hinson (HAM), 5-4

170 — Casey Fredericks (HAR) dec. Tel Motichka (POL), 3-1

182 — Raven Cunningham (BEL) dec. Dustin Odegard (HAV), 4-0

195 — Michael Bumgarner (HAM) pinned Monty Jessop (COR), 2:53

220 — Rand Pritzkau (FTN) pinned Bryce Blumenshein (BEL), 1:22

Hwt — Spencer Ross (CFS) pinned Christian Gomez (SID), 2:31


98 — Sawyer Degen (BEL) pinned Eric LaFontaine (HAR), 1:38

106 — Kohltin Starkel (DIL) dec. Keegan Kennelly (HAV), 8-5

113 — Trace Jones (SID) pinned Clay Stillwagon (BUC), 1:51

120 — Gresh Jones (SID) major dec. Chase Conner (COR), 9-0

126 — Shonn Roberts (CFS) dec. Ethan Graves (SID), 8-5

132 — Jarrett Degen (BEL) dec. Dillon Tenant (GLE), 6-3

138 — Parker Filius (HAV) pinned Jordan Stevens (SID), 3:23

145 — Bryan Armstrong (ANA) dec. Ryan Chatterton (SID), 4-0

152 — Jase Stokes (HAV) pinned Bryan Schaffer (CFS), 4:50

160 — Cody Johnson (SID) major dec. Keevan Pickle (BEL), 5:00

170 — Garret Chapel (LIB), dec. Cody Christian (SID), 10-5

182 — Ethan Blythe (LEW) dec. Dace Fisher (SID), 4-1

195 — Jace Billy (HAV) dec. Jaden Bryant (BEL), 4-3

220 — Tyler Adams (HAV) dec. Travis Adams (HAV), 14-5

Hwt — Donovan Hucke (DIL) major dec. Bryce Wigert (ANA), 9-1


Class B-C Results

Team abbreviations

Arlee (ARL), Baker (BAK), Belt (BLT), Big Sandy (BSY), Bigfork (BGK), Townsend (TSD), Cascade-Simms (CAS), Chester-Joplin-Inverness (CHE), Chinook (CHK), Choteau-Augusta (CHO), Circle (CIR), Colstrip (CLS), Columbus-Absarokee (COL), Conrad (CON), Cut Bank (CBH), Drummond-Philipsburg (DRM), Fairfield (FRF), Florence-Carlton (FLC), Forsyth (FOR), Fort Benton (FTB), Glasgow (GLA), Harlem (HRM), Heart Butte (HBH), Huntley Project (HPH), Jefferson (BOU), Eureka (EUR), Malta (MAL), Noxon (NOX), Plains-Hot Springs (PLA), Poplar (POP), Broadus (BRO), Deere Lodge (DLG), Ronan (RON), St. Ignatius-Charlo (STI), Shelby (SHE), Shepherd (SHP), Superior (SUP), Thompson Falls (TFS), Whitehall (WHL), Wolf Point (WPT).

Final team scores

Colstrip 224, Choteau 169, Forsyth 151, Huntley Project 116.5, Conrad 100.5, Harlem 94, St. Ignatius-Charlo 91.5, Malta 82, Fairfield 80, Plains-Hot Springs 70, Baker 67, Cut Bank 66, Eureka 52, Belt 50, Ronan 49, Columbus-Absarokee 44, Wolf Point 43.5, Chinook 43, Townsend 40, Whitehall 39, Cascade-Simms 38, Superior 32, Florence 28, Glasgow 27, Broadus 26.5, Circle 26, Shepherd 21, Drummond-Philipsburg 19.5, Arlee 18, Noxon 12, Deer Lodge 10, Shelby 10, Fort Benton 5, Bigfork 5, Thompson Falls 4, Poplar 3.

First round

98 — Parker Snyder (HPH) def Devon Rowe (WHL), Dec 8-2; Chase DeBoo (CHO) def Trevor Griffith (BAK), Fall 3.24; Lane Bradley (CLS) def Brandon Witzel (WHL), Fall 2.48.

106 — Ben Galloway (CLS) def Trevor Moore (CHO), Dec 4-0; Donte Wohlfeil (HPH) def Brock Johnson (WHL), Fall 5.59; Keaton Anderson (CBH) def Tate Trudeau (SUP), Fall .51; Robert Rhodes (FRF) def Shawn O’Brien (TSD), Fall .59; TJ Knoll (ARL) def Baxter Roach (TSD) Forf; Maestro Martinez (WPT) def Dawson Giles (FRF), Fall 1.12.

113 — Garrett White (EUR) def Ricky Taylor (HPH), Fall 1.10; Jess Lockwood (BRO) def Robbie Coleman (COL), Fall 2.49; Kasey Seyfert (GLA) def Cole Giles (FRF), Dec 14-7; Donovan Moon (CHK) def Colton Hillyard (CAS), Fall .36; Austin McArthur (TSD) def Michael Wark (SHP), Dec 10-8; Brodey White (SHE) def Danny Helmer (STI), Fall .06; Anthony Parkin (SUP) def Zach Lopez (SHE), Fall 1.24; Clayton Currier (CLS) def Jimmy Smith (BLT), Fall .37.

120 — Zach Durden (EUR) def Challance Jackson (HRM), Fall .19; Keegan Kary (BAK) def Jake Reinschmidt (WHL), Dec 4-2; Eli Walston (COL) def James Spence (SHP), Fall 4.56; Tate Niederegger (CHK) def Sean Provost (DRM), Fall 1.03; Taner Stone (CHO) def Cory Kistler (HPH), M-Dec 9-0; Caleb Mertz (CON) def Logan Danforth (DLG), Dec 6-4; Gregory Weatherwax (STI) def Franki Taylor (HRM), T-Fall 16-0; Gage Currier (CLS) def Connor DeBruycker (FTB), Fall 1.14.

126 — Connor Rogers (DLG) def Keenan Schipman (MAL), Fall 1.26; Lane Torgerson (CLS) def Logan Taylor (FTB), Fall 2.47; Logan Schwope (TSD) def Cody Perry (BAK), Dec 3-0; Shay Snider (HRM) def James Detienne (PLA), Fall 3.32; Jake Hall (COL) def Paul Wang (BAK), Fall .53; Travis Vermulm (CBH) def Josh Schmidt (EUR), Dec 7-4; Jamie Mullins (STI) def Jake Norby (CHK), Fall 2.48; Matt Weber (FOR) def Michael Sherwood (COL), Fall 1.01.

132 — Russell Kujala (PLA) def Jacob Anderson (FRF), Fall 1.08; Cody King (GLA) def Morgan Koenig (CON), Fall 3.12; Logan Harms (FOR) def Alexander Rimkus (CHK), Fall 1.28; Cache Giles (FRF) def Chase Rhine (RON), M-Dec 14-5; Seth Currier (CLS) def Randon Anderson (CBH), Fall .57; Hunter Meier (COL) def Daniel Dunlop (ARL), Dec 7-3; Torren Lawson (FLC) def Jace Rogers (CAS), M-Dec 8-0; Teague Jones (HRM) def Spencer Losing (BAK), Fall 2.51.

138 — Logan Goodwin (PLA) def Steven Werre (CHO), Fall .54; Blaine Berg (CON) def Layne Gorder (POP), Fall 1.16; Tristian Busch (FOR) def Dakota Suta (CON), Dec 14-12; J J Werdal (CHO) def Tony Bergerson (DRM), Dec 5-1; Rico Stormer (CIR) def Anthony Hoag (CHK), Fall .30; Ryan Lesofski (FRF) def James Dunn (EUR), Dec 6-1; Bridger LaPierre (SUP) def Dawson Peterman (FRF), Dec 3-2; Jace Berkram (CBH) def Brady Hanson (CLS), Fall 1.59.

145 — Brandon Dumont (RON) def David Finley (CHO), Fall 1.15; Brenden Johnson (HRM) def John Manning (HPH), Dec 6-0; Ben Rauscher (CON) def Travis Koenig (BAK), Dec 5-3; Adam Lesofski (FRF) def Brett Volkmann (FLC), M-Dec 13-4; Luke Weber (FOR) def Evan Finstad (CBH), Fall 3.11; Colton Bray (TFS) def P J Ayers (FTB), Fall 5.31; Trent Dennison (STI) def Billy Raville (COL), Fall 2.24; Reed Vandenbos (CBH) def Spencer Dougherty (SHP), Fall .53.

152 — John Pepos (CAS) def Kane Lawson (PLA), Fall 5.14; Brandon French (CON) def Hunter Blackwell (FOR), Fall 1.48; Austin Blaede (CLS) def Ken Pruttis (CHK), Fall .49; Justin Meier (COL) def Luke Crowe (NOX), Fall 4.44; Brandon Weber (FOR) def Kevin Hawley (HRM), Fall .18; Trey Stone (CHO) def Ty Pocha (DRM), Fall 1.40; Joel Graf (FRF) def Connor Benn (RON), Fall 3.11; Tyler Schultz (CON) def Quincy Stormer (CIR), Fall 1.06.

160 — Joe Detienne (PLA) def Noah Daniels (COL), Fall 1.47; Robert Jennings (CBH) def Cody Beyers (BAK), Dec 3-2; Garrett Moritz (CON) def Zack Dunning (HPH), Dec 7-4; Kyle Snyder (FRF) def Kyle Milner (TFS), Fall 3.24; Chris Nile (FOR) def Javan Carroll (CON), Fall .43; Peydon Prince (DRM) def Lawrence Gannon (CAS), Dec 7-2; Alex Bertolt (ARL) def Dalton Feeler (FRF), Fall 1.19; Nolan Simanton (MAL) def Tony Kaiser (GLA), Fall .46.

170 — Jacen Petersen (STI) def Kevin Frigon (GLA), Fall 1.04; Steeler French (CHO) def Adrian Gasvoda (BSY), M-Dec 9-0; Evander Wilbur (TSD) def Chase Murray (MAL), Fall 1.18; Thayne Hage (CLS) def Stephen Clinkenbeard (PLA), T-Fall 17-2; Hunter Croff (BLT) def Denton Cornell (HRM), Fall 1.33; Blake Jessen (HPH) def Ronny Cullis (RON), M-Dec 13-1; Jace Pancake (FLC) def Wrye Williams (BRO), Fall 3.28; Jesse Dannels (CHK) def Roman Lorance (CAS), Fall 3.45.

182 — Steven Bravo (STI) def Jackson Wolfe (FOR) Def; Drew DeBolt (CAS) def Bradley Vanderbush (CON), Fall 1.11; Kevin Young (CHK) def Dillon Hoerauf (WHL), Fall .54; Mason Melby (BAK) def Austyn Meinzen (FLC), Fall .33; Layne Durfee (CHO) def Sam Deffinbaugh (CHE), Fall .45; Vinny Quirk (BGK) def Kian Brown (HPH), Dec 7-5; David Hopson (WPT) def Shane Morgieau (STI), Fall 2.59; Hunter Mycke (CON) def Ty Otness (FRF), Fall .41.

195 — Tanner Roness (GLA) def Kaelan Yanak (EUR), Fall .57; Dylan Reed (FRF) def Wyatt Wickum (CHE), Fall .23; Travis Field (CHO) def Ron Kinyon (SHE), M-Dec 19-5; Koni Dole (HPH) def Alan Chojnacky (NOX), Fall 1.00; Jake French (CHO) def Jaiden Little Dog (CBH), Fall 1.44; Lauren Christopher (RON) def Gage McClanahan (HPH), Fall 2.12; Steven Gabel (FOR) def Ethan Goss-Dickie (STI) Forf; Antonio Lopez (MAL) def Tyler Norstedt (BLT), Fall 1.59.

220 — John Onofrey (NOX) def Chisum Mavity (SHP), Fall 4.30; Eli Hohn (TSD) def Streeter Stirling (SHE), Fall 3.23; Christian Cottingham (BLT) def Che Little Dog (CBH), Fall 4.31; Tanner Miller (HPH) def Tom Paxton (DRM), Fall 2.55; Denver Krone (CHO) def Jack Fritz (CHE), Fall .15; Keenan Hendricksen (FLC) def Thomas Bell (FOR), Fall 1.44; Jake Sessions (CLS) def Brandon Shea (PLA), Fall 4.49; Seth Adams (HRM) def Walter Snyder (CHO), Fall 3.35.

Hwt — Ben Gorham (PLA) def Dylan Bell (FOR), Fall .46; Gerome Lamb (MAL) def Kalvin Rohrer (CAS), Fall .32; Trent Noel (HRM) def Joe Stewart (TSD), Fall 1.14; Tucker Yates (CLS) def Tanner Mead (RON) Fall; Justin Pfiefer (CBH) def Joe Clemens (CAS), Dec 7-3; Michael Irvine (RON) def Lucas Dekker (SHP), Fall 5.36; Dustin Irgens (BAK) def Tyler Spidel (STI), Fall .59; Kelin King (MAL) def Logan Williamson (HBH) Forf.


98 — Parker Snyder (HPH) def Blaine Parkin (SUP), Fall 1.26; Tony Roso (CAS) def James Whitmus (SHP), Fall 2.55; Chase DeBoo (CHO) def Lena Babcock (TFS), Fall .23; Lane Bradley (CLS) def Colin Rogers (DLG), Fall .13.

106 — Morgan Schultz (STI) def Ben Galloway (CLS), Dec 7-5; Donte Wohlfeil (HPH) def Keaton Anderson (CBH), Fall 4.47; Robert Rhodes (FRF) def Alex Waite (DLG), Fall .19; Maestro Martinez (WPT) def TJ Knoll (ARL), T-Fall 16-1.

113 — Garrett White (EUR) def Jess Lockwood (BRO), M-Dec 9-1; Kasey Seyfert (GLA) def Donovan Moon (CHK), Fall 2.31; Austin McArthur (TSD) def Brodey White (SHE), Dec 7-6; Clayton Currier (CLS) def Anthony Parkin (SUP), Fall 4.34.

120 — Zach Durden (EUR) def Keegan Kary (BAK), Dec 4-1; Tate Niederegger (CHK) def Eli Walston (COL), M-Dec 17-8; Taner Stone (CHO) def Caleb Mertz (CON), Fall 2.51; Gage Currier (CLS) def Gregory Weatherwax (STI), Fall 1.14.

126 — Connor Rogers (DLG) def Lane Torgerson (CLS), Dec 3-0; Shay Snider (HRM) def Logan Schwope (TSD), Dec 8-2; Travis Vermulm (CBH) def Jake Hall (COL), Dec 10-4; Matt Weber (FOR) def Jamie Mullins (STI), Fall 3.28.

132 — Russell Kujala (PLA) def Cody King (GLA), Dec 4-2; Logan Harms (FOR) def Cache Giles (FRF), Fall 4.56; Seth Currier (CLS) def Hunter Meier (COL), Fall 3.32; Teague Jones (HRM) def Torren Lawson (FLC), M-Dec 12-4.

138 — Blaine Berg (CON) def Logan Goodwin (PLA), Fall 5.45; J J Werdal (CHO) def Tristian Busch (FOR), T-Fall 18-3; Rico Stormer (CIR) def Ryan Lesofski (FRF), Fall 2.57; Jace Berkram (CBH) def Bridger LaPierre (SUP), Dec 9-2.

145 — Brenden Johnson (HRM) def Brandon Dumont (RON), Dec 5-2; Ben Rauscher (CON) def Adam Lesofski (FRF), Dec 5-3; Luke Weber (FOR) def Colton Bray (TFS), Fall 3.44; Reid Vandenbos (CBH) def Trent Dennison (STI), Fall 2.46.

152 — Brandon French (CON) def John Pepos (CAS), Fall 2.25; Austin Blaede (CLS) def Justin Meier (COL), Dec 9-3; Brandon Weber (FOR) def Trey Stone (CHO), Fall 2.57; Joel Graf (FRF) def Tyler Schultz (CON), Fall 5.25.

160 — Joe Detienne (PLA) def Robert Jennings (CBH), Dec 8-4; Garrett Moritz (CON) def Kyle Snyder (FRF), Fall .27; Chris Nile (FOR) def Peydon Prince (DRM), Fall .10; Nolan Simanton (MAL) def Alex Bertolt (ARL), Fall 6.10.

170 — Jacen Petersen (STI) def Steeler French (CHO), M-Dec 10-0; Evander Wilbur (TSD) def Thayne Hage (CLS), Fall 5.04; Hunter Croff (BLT) def Blake Jessen (HPH), Fall 5.20; Jesse Dannels (CHK) def Jace Pancake (FLC), Fall 2.50.

182 — Steven Bravo (STI) def Drew DeBolt (CAS), Fall .56; Mason Melby (BAK) def Kevin Young (CHK), Fall 1.39; Layne Durfee (CHO) def Vinny Quirk (BGK), Fall 1.30; David Hopson (WPT) def Hunter Mycke (CON), Dec 9-4.

195 — Dylan Reed (FRF) def Tanner Roness (GLA), Fall .48; Koni Dole (HPH) def Travis Field (CHO), T-Fall 17-1; Jake French (CHO) def Lauren Christopher (RON), Fall 2.15; Antonio Lopez (MAL) def Steven Gabel (FOR), Fall 3.39.

220 — John Onofrey (NOX) def Eli Hohn (TSD), Fall 1.49; Tanner Miller (HPH) def Christian Cottingham (BLT), Dec 9-7; Keenan Hendricksen (FLC) def Denver Krone (CHO), Fall 3.09; Seth Adams (HRM) def Jake Sessions (CLS), Fall .35.

Hwt — Ben Gorham (PLA) def Gerome Lamb (MAL), Fall 2.31; Tucker Yates (CLS) def Trent Noel (HRM), Dec 7-2; Michael Irvine (RON) def Justin Pfiefer (CBH), Dec 8-1; Kelin King (MAL) def Dustin Irgens (BAK), Dec 5-2.

First round consolation

98 — No matches.

106 — Brock Johnson (WHL) def Tate Trudeau (SUP), Fall .38; Dawson Giles (FRF) def Baxter Roach (TSD) Forf.

113 — Robbie Coleman (COL) def Ricky Taylor (HPH), Fall 4.12; Cole Giles (FRF) def Colton Hillyard (CAS), M-Dec 9-0; Michael Wark (SHP) def Danny Helmer (STI), Fall 2.24; Jimmy Smith (BLT) def Zach Lopez (SHE), Fall 1.00.

120 — Jake Reinschmidt (WHL) def Challance Jackson (HRM), Fall .20; James Spence (SHP) def Sean Provost (DRM), Fall 1.30; Logan Danforth (DLG) def Cory Kistler (HPH), Dec 11-4; Connor DeBruycker (FTB) def Franki Taylor (HRM), Fall 3.40.

126 — Keenan Schipman (MAL) def Logan Taylor (FTB), M-Dec 11-2; Cody Perry (BAK) def James Detienne (PLA), Dec 9-6; Josh Schmidt (EUR) def Paul Wang (BAK), M-Dec 12-0; Jake Norby (CHK) def Michael Sherwood (COL), Fall 1.23.

132 — Morgan Koenig (CON) def Jacob Anderson (FRF), T-Fall 16-0; Chase Rhine (RON) def Alexander Rimkus (CHK), Fall 3.28; Daniel Dunlop (ARL) def Randon Anderson (CBH), Dec 14-9; Spencer Losing (BAK) def Jace Rogers (CAS), Dec 6-0.

138 — Layne Gorder (POP) def Steven Werre (CHO), Fall .23; Tony Bergerson (DRM) def Dakota Suta (CON), T-Fall 16-0; James Dunn (EUR) def Anthony Hoag (CHK), Fall .54; Dawson Peterman (FRF) def Brady Hanson (CLS), Fall 2.24.

145 — John Manning (HPH) def David Finley (CHO), Fall 1.59; Travis Koenig (BAK) def Brett Volkmann (FLC), Fall 2.49; P J Ayers (FTB) def Evan Finstad (CBH), M-Dec 12-4; Spencer Dougherty (SHP) def Billy Raville (COL), Fall 4.56.

152 — Kane Lawson (PLA) def Hunter Blackwell (FOR), M-Dec 13-1; Luke Crowe (NOX) def Ken Pruttis (CHK), Dec 6-4; Ty Pocha (DRM) def Kevin Hawley (HRM), Fall 1.55; Connor Benn (RON) def Quincy Stormer (CIR), Fall .49.

160 — Cody Beyers (BAK) def Noah Daniels (COL), Fall 3.42; Zack Dunning (HPH) def Kyle Milner (TFS), Fall 4.19; Lawrence Gannon (CAS) def Javan Carroll (CON), Fall 4.24; Tony Kaiser (GLA) def Dalton Feeler (FRF), M-Dec 11-0.

170 — Kevin Frigon (GLA) def Adrian Gasvoda (BSY), Dec 9-2; Stephen Clinkenbeard (PLA) def Chase Murray (MAL), Fall 1.46; Denton Cornell (HRM) def Ronny Cullis (RON), M-Dec 12-2; Wrye Williams (BRO) def Roman Lorance (CAS), Fall 1.58.

182 — Bradley Vanderbush (CON) def Jackson Wolfe (FOR), Fall 3.30; Dillon Hoerauf (WHL) def Austyn Meinzen (FLC), Fall .37; Kian Brown (HPH) def Sam Deffinbaugh (CHE), Fall .47; Shane Morgieau (STI) def Ty Otness (FRF), Fall 1.52.

195 — Kaelan Yanak (EUR) def Wyatt Wickum (CHE), Fall 2.09; Ron Kinyon (SHE) def Alan Chojnacky (NOX), Fall 2.12; Gage McClanahan (HPH) def Jaiden Little Dog (CBH), Dec 6-4; Tyler Norstedt (BLT) def Ethan Goss-Dickie (STI) Forf.

220 — Streeter Stirling (SHE) def Chisum Mavity (SHP), Fall 1.56; Che Little Dog (CBH) def Tom Paxton (DRM), Fall 2.51; Thomas Bell (FOR) def Jack Fritz (CHE), Fall .24; Walter Snyder (CHO) def Brandon Shea (PLA), Fall 4.36.

Hwt — Dylan Bell (FOR) def Kalvin Rohrer (CAS), Fall 1.21; Tanner Mead (RON) def Joe Stewart (TSD), Fall .22; Lucas Dekker (SHP) def Joe Clemens (CAS), Fall .43; Tyler Spidel (STI) def Logan Williamson (HBH) Forf.

Second round consolation

98 — Devon Rowe (WHL) def Colin Rogers (DLG), Fall 5.59; Trevor Griffith (BAK) def James Whitmus (SHP), Fall 2.01; Blaine Parkin (SUP) def Brandon Witzel (WHL), Fall 1.36.

106 — Trevor Moore (CHO) def TJ Knoll (ARL), Fall .44; Brock Johnson (WHL) def Alex Waite (DLG), Fall .27; Shawn O’Brien (TSD) def Keaton Anderson (CBH), Fall 1.47; Ben Galloway (CLS) def Dawson Giles (FRF), Fall 2.14.

113 — Anthony Parkin (SUP) def Robbie Coleman (COL), M-Dec 13-2; Cole Giles (FRF) def Brodey White (SHE), Dec 6-0; Michael Wark (SHP) def Donovan Moon (CHK), Fall 5.19; Jess Lockwood (BRO) def Jimmy Smith (BLT), Fall 1.29.

120 — Jake Reinschmidt (WHL) def Gregory Weatherwax (STI), Fall 4.53; James Spence (SHP) def Caleb Mertz (CON), Fall 1.43; Eli Walston (COL) def Logan Danforth (DLG), M-Dec 14-0; Keegan Kary (BAK) def Connor DeBruycker (FTB), M-Dec 9-0.

126 — Jamie Mullins (STI) def Keenan Schipman (MAL), Fall .27; Jake Hall (COL) def Cody Perry (BAK), Fall 3.50; Logan Schwope (TSD) def Josh Schmidt (EUR), Dec 7-4; Lane Torgerson (CLS) def Jake Norby (CHK), Dec 4-0.

132 — Torren Lawson (FLC) def Morgan Koenig (CON), Dec 7-5; Chase Rhine (RON) def Hunter Meier (COL), Fall 1.47; Cache Giles (FRF) def Daniel Dunlop (ARL), Fall 4.33; Cody King (GLA) def Spencer Losing (BAK), M-Dec 12-2.

138 — Bridger LaPierre (SUP) def Layne Gorder (POP), Fall .49; Tony Bergerson (DRM) def Ryan Lesofski (FRF), Dec 8-4; Tristian Busch (FOR) def James Dunn (EUR), Dec 10-6; Logan Goodwin (PLA) def Dawson Peterman (FRF), M-Dec 10-0.

145 — John Manning (HPH) def Trent Dennison (STI), Fall 2.27; Travis Koenig (BAK) def Colton Bray (TFS), Fall 2.58; Adam Lesofski (FRF) def P J Ayers (FTB), Dec 10-4; Brandon Dumont (RON) def Spencer Dougherty (SHP), Fall 2.50.

152 — Tyler Schultz (CON) def Kane Lawson (PLA), Fall .30; Trey Stone (CHO) def Luke Crowe (NOX), Fall .46; Justin Meier (COL) def Ty Pocha (DRM), Fall 3.39; John Pepos (CAS) def Connor Benn (RON), Fall 2.33.

160 — Alex Bertolt (ARL) def Cody Beyers (BAK), Fall 3.54; Zack Dunning (HPH) def Peydon Prince (DRM), Dec 9-5; Lawrence Gannon (CAS) def Kyle Snyder (FRF), Dec 6-5; Robert Jennings (CBH) def Tony Kaiser (GLA), Dec 7-5.

170 — Kevin Frigon (GLA) def Jace Pancake (FLC), Fall .12; Blake Jessen (HPH) def Stephen Clinkenbeard (PLA), M-Dec 15-2; Thayne Hage (CLS) def Denton Cornell (HRM), Fall 1.58; Steeler French (CHO) def Wyre Williams (BRO), Fall 4.04.

182 — Hunter Mycke (CON) def Bradley Vanderbush (CON), Fall 1.46; Vinny Quirk (BGK) def Dillon Hoerauf (WHL), Fall 1.40; Kian Brown (HPH) def Kevin Young (CHK), Fall 2.12; Drew DeBolt (CAS) def Shane Morgieau (STI), Fall .52.

195 — Kaelan Yanak (EUR) def Steven Gabel (FOR), M-Dec 15-6; Lauren Christopher (RON) def Ron Kinyon (SHE), Fall 2.43; Travis Field (CHO) def Gage McClanahan (HPH), Fall 4.32; Tanner Roness (GLA) def Tyler Norstedt (BLT), M-Dec 9-0.

220 — Jake Sessions (CLS) def Streeter Stirling (SHE), M-Dec 12-2; Denver Krone (CHO) def Che Little Dog (CBH), Dec 2-1; Christian Cottingham (BLT) def Thomas Bell (FOR), Fall .55; Eli Hohn (TSD) def Walter Snyder (CHO), Fall 3.24.

Hwt — Dustin Irgens (BAK) def Dylan Bell (FOR), Fall 2.33; Tanner Mead (RON) def Justin Pfiefer (CBH), Dec 2-1; Lucas Dekker (SHP) def Trent Noel (HRM), Fall 2.43; Gerome Lamb (MAL) def Tyler Spidel (STI), Fall 1.22.


98 — Tony Roso (CAS) def Parker Snyder (HPH), Dec 7-5; Lane Bradley (CLS) def Chase DeBoo (CHO), Fall 3.37.

106 — Morgan Schultz (STI) def Donte Wohlfeil (HPH), M-Dec 11-1; Maestro Martinez (WPT) def Robert Rhodes (FRF), M-Dec 14-3.

113 — Garrett White (EUR) def Kasey Seyfert (GLA), Fall 1.36; Clayton Currier (CLS) def Austin McArthur (TSD), Fall .10.

120 — Tate Niederegger (CHK) def Zach Durden (EUR), Dec 3-2; Gage Currier (CLS) def Taner Stone (CHO), Fall 1.49.

126 — Shay Snider (HRM) def Connor Rogers (DLG), Dec 3-2; Matt Weber (FOR) def Travis Vermulm (CBH), Fall 2.48.

132 — Russell Kujala (PLA) def Logan Harms (FOR), M-Dec 10-0; Teague Jones (HRM) def Seth Currier (CLS), M-Dec 22-10.

138 — J J Werdal (CHO) def Blaine Berg (CON), M-Dec 13-3; Rico Stormer (CIR) def Jace Berkram (CBH), Dec 4-0.

145 — Brenden Johnson (HRM) def Ben Rauscher (CON), Dec 6-2; Luke Weber (FOR) def Reid Vandenbos (CBH), Fall 3.24.

152 — Austin Blaede (CLS) def Brandon French (CON), Fall 2.48; Brandon Weber (FOR) def Joel Graf (FRF), Fall 5.32.

160 — Garrett Moritz (CON) def Joe Detienne (PLA), Dec 2-1; Chris Nile (FOR) def Nolan Simanton (MAL), Fall 2.22.

170 — Jacen Petersen (STI) def Evander Wilbur (TSD), Fall 1.12; Hunter Croff (BLT) def Jesse Dannels (CHK), Fall 1.50.

182 — Mason Melby (BAK) def Steven Bravo (STI), Fall 2.00; Layne Durfee (CHO) def David Hopson (WPT), Fall 1.12.

195 — Dylan Reed (FRF) def Koni Dole (HPH), Dec 5-4; Jake French (CHO) def Antonio Lopez (MAL), Fall 1.19.

220 — Tanner Miller (HPH) def John Onofrey (NOX), Fall 2.45; Seth Adams (HRM) def Keenan Hendricksen (FLC), Fall 1.30.

Hwt — Tucker Yates (CLS) def Ben Gorham (PLA), Fall 1.15; Kelin King (MAL) def Michael Irvine (RON), Fall 6.33.

Consolation quarterfinals

98 — Devon Rowe (WHL) def Lena Babcock (TFS), Fall 3.24; Blaine Parkin (SUP) def Trevor Griffith (BAK), Fall 1.12.

106 — Trevor Moore (CHO) def Brock Johnson (WHL), Dec 5-4; Ben Galloway (CLS) def Shawn O’Brien (TSD), Fall 2.24.

113 — Anthony Parkin (SUP) def Cole Giles (FRF), Fall 1.23; Jess Lockwood (BRO) def Michael Wark (SHP), T-Fall 18-1.

120 — Jake Reinschmidt (WHL) def James Spence (SHP), Dec 7-6; Eli Walston (COL) def Keegan Kary (BAK), Fall 1.59.

126 — Jamie Mullins (STI) def Jake Hall (COL), Dec 7-5; Lane Torgerson (CLS) def Logan Schwope (TSD), Dec 3-1.

132 — Torren Lawson (FLC) def Chase Rhine (RON), M-Dec 12-2; Cache Giles (FRF) def Cody King (GLA), M-Dec 13-1.

138 — Tony Bergerson (DRM) def Bridger LaPierre (SUP), Dec 4-3; Tristian Busch (FOR) def Logan Goodwin (PLA), Fall 3.19.

145 — Travis Koenig (BAK) def John Manning (HPH), Dec 6-0; Brandon Dumont (RON) def Adam Lesofski (FRF), Fall 1.26.

152 — Tyler Schultz (CON) def Trey Stone (CHO), Fall 1.30; Justin Meier (COL) def John Pepos (CAS), Dec 5-0.

160 — Alex Bertolt (ARL) def Zack Dunning (HPH), Fall 3.24; Robert Jennings (CBH) def Lawrence Gannon (CAS), M-Dec 13-0.

170 — Blake Jessen (HPH) def Kevin Frigon (GLA), Fall 2.37; Steeler French (CHO) def Thayne Hage (CLS), Fall 2.34.

182 — Hunter Mycke (CON) def Vinny Quirk (BGK), Fall .59; Kian Brown (HPH) def Drew DeBolt (CAS), Fall 2.27.

195 — Kaelan Yanak (EUR) def Lauren Christopher (RON), Fall 2.26; Travis Field (CHO) def Tanner Roness (GLA), Fall 2.35.

220 — Jake Sessions (CLS) def Denver Krone (CHO), Fall 4.35; Christian Cottingham (BLT) def Eli Hohn (TSD), Fall .52.

Hwt — Dustin Irgens (BAK) def Tanner Mead (RON), Dec 4-1; Gerome Lamb (MAL) def Lucas Dekker (SHP), Fall 2.40.

Consolation semifinals

98 — Parker Snyder (HPH) def Devon Rowe (WHL), T-Fall 21-4; Chase DeBoo (CHO) def Blaine Parkin (SUP), Dec 4-2.

106 — Trevor Moore (CHO) def Donte Wohlfeil (HPH), Dec 10-4; Ben Galloway (CLS) def Robert Rhodes (FRF), Fall 1.34.

113 — Anthony Parkin (SUP) def Kasey Seyfert (GLA), Fall 2.32; Jess Lockwood (BRO) def Austin McArthur (TSD), Fall 2.12.

120 — Jake Reinschmidt (WHL) def Zach Durden (EUR), Fall 4.33; Taner Stone (CHO) def Eli Walston (COL), Dec 12-7.

126 — Jamie Mullins (STI) def Connor Rogers (DLG), Dec 7-5; Lane Torgerson (CLS) def Travis Vermulm (CBH), Dec 3-2.

132 — Logan Harms (FOR) def Torren Lawson (FLC), Dec 8-1; Seth Currier (CLS) def Cache Giles (FRF), Fall 2.47.

138 — Tony Bergerson (DRM) def Blaine Berg (CON), Fall 2.49; Jace Berkram (CBH) def Tristian Busch (FOR), M-Dec 13-4.

145 — Travis Koenig (BAK) def Ben Rauscher (CON), M-Dec 10-0; Reid Vandenbos (CBH) def Brandon Dumont (RON), Dec 7-5.

152 — Brandon French (CON) def Tyler Schultz (CON), Fall 3.57; Justin Meier (COL) def Joel Graf (FRF), Dec 3-2.

160 — Joe Detienne (PLA) def Alex Bertolt (ARL), Dec 4-0; Nolan Simanton (MAL) def Robert Jennings (CBH), Fall 2.42.

170 — Blake Jessen (HPH) def Evander Wilbur (TSD), Dec 4-2; Steeler French (CHO) def Jesse Dannels (CHK), T-Fall 16-0.

182 — Hunter Mycke (CON) def Steven Bravo (STI), Fall 3.56; David Hopson (WPT) def Kian Brown (HPH), M-Dec 14-3.

195 — Koni Dole (HPH) def Kaelan Yanak (EUR), T-Fall 16-0; Antonio Lopez (MAL) def Travis Field (CHO), Fall 2.48.

220 — Jake Sessions (CLS) def John Onofrey (NOX), Fall 1.38; Christian Cottingham (BLT) def Keenan Hendricksen (FLC), Fall 1.57.

Hwt — Ben Gorham (PLA) def Dustin Irgens (BAK), Fall 1.17; Gerome Lamb (MAL) def Michael Irvine (RON), Fall 2.27.

Fifth place

98 — Devon Rowe (WHL) pinned Blaine Parkin (SUP), 1:49

106 — Donte Wohlfeil (HPH) pinned Robert Rhodes (FRF), 3:46

113 — Austin McArthur (TSD) pinned Kasey Seyfert (GLA), 2:34

120 — Zach Durden (EUR) dec. Eli Walston (COL), 9-6

126 — Travis Vermulm (CBH) pinned Connor Rogers (DLG), 4:00

132 — Cache Giles (FRF) pinned Torren Lawson (FLC), 4:58

138 — Blaine Berg (CON) pinned Tristian Busch (FOR), :42

145 — Brandon Dumont (RON) major dec. Ben Rauscher (CON), 9-1

152 — Joel Graf (FRF) dec. Tyler Schultz (CON), 12-8

160 — Robert Jennings (CBH) major dec. Alex Bertolt (ARL), 14-0

170 — Evander Wilbur (TSD) pinned Jesse Dannels (CHK), 2:56

182 — Steven Bravo (STI) dec. Kian Brown (HPH), 14-7

195 — Kaelan Yanak (EUR) dec. Travis Field (CHO), 3-0

220 — Keenan Hendricksen (FLC) pinned John Onofrey (NOX), 1:25

Hwt — Michael Irvine (RON) pinned Dustin Irgens (BAK), 3:24

Third place

98 — Parker Snyder (HPH) pinned Chase DeBoo (CHO), 2:02

106 — Ben Galloway (CLS) dec. Trevor Moore (CHO), 5-3

113 — Jess Lockwood (BRO) pinned Anthony Parkin (SUP), 4:56

120 — Taner Stone (CHO) dec. Jake Reinschmidt (WHL), 11-6

126 — Jamie Mullins (STI) dec. Lane Torgerson (CLS), 3-2

132 — Seth Currier (CLS) pinned Logan Harms (FOR), 4:54

138 — Jace Berkram (CBH) dec. Tony Bergerson (DRM), 7-3

145 — Reid Vandenbos (CBH) dec. Travis Koenig (BAK), 11-6

152 — Justin Meier (COL) pinned Brandon French (CON), 1:49

160 — Nolan Simanton (MAL) dec. Joe Detienne (PLA), 6-4

170 — Steeler French (CHO) pinned Blake Jessen (HPH), 3:32

182 — David Hopson (WPT) dec. Hunter Mycke (CON), 5-3

195 — Koni Dole (HPH) pinned Antonio Lopez (MAL), 2:37

220 — Jake Sessions (CLS) pinned Christian Cottingham (BLT), 2:42

Hwt — Ben Gorham (PLA) dec. Gerome Lamb (MAL), 7-1


98 — Lane Bradley (CLS) major dec. Tony Roso (CAS), 15-2

106 — Maestro Martinez (WPT) dec. Morgan Schultz (STI), 8-6

113 — Clayton Currier (CLS) pinned Garrett White (EUR), 4:23

120 — Gage Currier (CLS) tech. fall Tate Niederegger (CHK), 16-0

126 — Matt Weber (FOR) dec. Shay Snider (HRM), 2-0

132 — Russell Kujala (PLA) dec. Teague Jones (HRM), 7-4

138 — Rico Stormer (CIR) dec. J.J. Werdal (CHO), 5-0

145 — Luke Weber (FOR) dec. Brenden Johnson (HRM), 5-0

152 — Brandon Weber (FOR) pinned Austin Blaede (CLS), 3:12

160 — Chris Nile (FOR) pinned Garrett Moritz (CON), 4:51

170 — Jacen Petersen (STI) pinned Hunter Croff (BLT), 5:04

182 — Mason Melby (BAK) dec. Layne Durfee (CHO), 7-5

195 — Jake French (CHO) major dec. Dylan Reed (FRF), 12-0

220 — Seth Adams (HRM) dec. Tanner Miller (HPH), 10-4

Hwt — Tucker Yates (CLS), pinned Kelin King (MAL), :46

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