A historical look at Super teams

This year’s Super Bowl matches the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens were once the Cleveland Browns. Thus you can trace the history of both Super Bowl teams back to 1946.

Both clubs were initial members of the newly created All-American Football Conference. Both the Browns and the 49ers played in the Western Conference for the first three years of the league. In each year, Cleveland won the championship. In the final year of the league, the circuit was combined in one division with the Browns and 49ers finishing first and second. The two met in the final game ever played in the All-American Conference with the Browns beating the 49ers’ 21-7 in the 1949 championship game.

The next season both clubs joined the National Football League. The Browns would enjoy immediate success in the new league. They won the NFL title in their first year in the league.

Under Coach Paul Brown and star quarterback Otto Graham. Cleveland won a number of conferences titles and the 1954 league championship.

The 49ers on the other hand made the playoffs only four times in its first thirty years in the NFL winning no one title. All that changed in 1981 when San Francisco under the leadership of Coach Bill Walsh and the arm of Joe Montana won the Super Bowl. In the next fourteen years, San Francisco would win four more Super Bowl titles. They have played in the big game five times and won on every occasion.

The 493rs surge was the exact opposite of the Cleveland Browns. After their final NFL title in 1964, Cleveland struggled. They appeared in three more conference title games in the next thirty years but could never win the final game to get to the Super Bowl.

Finally, after owner Art Modell could not get the city of Cleveland to build him a new stadium he moved the franchise to Baltimore following the 1995 season. The club changed the nickname to the Ravens and have been a fixture ever since then in Baltimore.

Modell’s dream of making it to the Super Bowl finally happened In 2001. The Ravens pounded the New York Giants in the big game winning 34-7. This Sunday will be only their second trip ever to the Super Bowl for the franchise. The Ravens like the 49ers have never lost a Super Bowl.

The only thing that is guaranteed is the winner will be the fifth straight team to capture the Super Bowl after winning the conference title on the road. Both teams made to this moment with a road win the league title game.