67 from Butte High earn academic honors

67 from Butte High earn academic honors

Butte High released its Academic All-State honors for the fall sports season, and 67 Bulldogs made the grade.

In order to receive Academic All-State status, student-athletes, managers and cheerleaders must maintain a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0) scale for the quarter and earn a varsity letter in a sport sanctioned by the Montana High School Association.

Butte High’s football team saw 25 players earn the honor, while 13 volleyball players made the grade. The Bulldog girls’ soccer team saw 10 selected, the cross country and boys’ soccer team each placed seven on the academic team, and five golfers were selected.

Following are the all the Butte High athletes who received the honor.

Cetraro, Braydon103.5Football
Kautzman, Casey103.833Football
Stewart, Cole104.0Football
Vetter, Gavin103.833Football
Cetraro, Banner114.0Football
Drakos, Blake114.0Football
Guidoni, Brayden113.5Football
Hansen, Christian114.0Football
Huff, Tanner113.5Football
Lee, Aidan114.0Football
LeProwse, Tucker113.714Football
Neil Ryan114.0Football
Stenson, Cael113.667Football
Vetter, Christian113.667Football
Allen, Scout123.5Football
Gallagher, Kylie123.75Football
Gunderson, Payton124.0Football
Kingston, Lucas123.6Football
Ledgerwood, Tristan123.5Football
McClafferty, Konor123.714Football
McClernan, Myles123.5Football
Mellott, Thomas124.0Football
Murphy, Danika124.0Football
Sullivan, Quinn124.0Football
Uggetti, Mario124.0Football
McGrath, Brooke103.833Volleyball
McMahon, Kennadie104Volleyball
Olson, Ashley103.5Volleyball
Quinn, Olivia104.0Volleyball
Morin Ferguson, Hannah113.8Volleyball
Mueller, Allyson113.8Volleyball
Tutty, MacKenzie114.0Volleyball
Doyle, Sydney124.0Volleyball
Ericson, Trisha124.0Volleyball
Field, Emma124.0Volleyball
LaFond, Cameron124.0Volleyball
McGrath, Grace123.5Volleyball
Mortensen, Kira124.0Volleyball
Tomich, Ryan94.0Cross Country
Houchin, Cohwen103.5Cross Country
Whitlock, Trey104.0Cross Country
Dallaserra, Kadance113.6Cross Country
Nielson, Hailey114.0Cross Country
Smith, Grant114.0Cross Country
Rapp, Katelyn124.0Cross Country
Doyle, Riley  94.0Boys Soccer
Schrader, Joseph  94.0Boys Soccer
Phillip, Joseph104.0Boys Soccer
Dare, James113.667Boys Soccer
Padbury, Isen113.667Boys Soccer
Roepe, Logan123.75Boys Soccer
Sherman, Christian124Boys Soccer
Burke, Taylor103.667Girls Soccer
Quist, Emma103.833Girls Soccer
Beierle, Christiana113.5Girls Soccer
Birkenbuel, Brie114.0Girls Soccer
Carlson, Kassidy113.5Girls Soccer
Rhodes, Madalynn114.0Girls Soccer
Ricketts, Abby114.0Girls Soccer
Smelich, Trinity114.0Girls Soccer
Dauenhauer, Lexia124.0Girls Soccer
Herron, Haley123.833Girls Soccer
Priggie, Jack  94.0Golf
Hoagland, Kodie103.667Golf
Finnegan, MacKenzie113.5Golf
Prigge, Ella114.0Golf
Luoma, Grace124.0Golf
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  • Whitney
    February 4, 2020, 9:51 pm

    I dont think this list is accurate. My varsity cheerleader has maintained a 3.8 all year and I know another varsity cheerleader on the team has a 4.0 . There are no cheerleaders on this list.


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