65 Bulldogs take home academic honors

65 Bulldogs take home academic honors

Butte High saw 65 athletes earn Academic All-State honors for the fall sports season.

The list includes 23 members of the football team, 12 volleyball players, eight cross country runners, 10 members of the boys’ soccer team, eight players from the girls’ soccer team and four golfers.

To earn Academic All-State, an athlete, manager or cheerleader must earn a 3.5 GPA for the quarter and also earn a varsity letter in a sport sanctioned by the Montana High School Association.

The list of Bulldogs honored follows.

Andersen, Luke123.5Football
Cetraro, Braydon123.5Football
Cunningham, Ethan113.833Football
Demarais, Max124.0Football
Gross, Wyatt104.0Football
Gurnsey, Cameron113.667Football
Kautzman, Casey124.0Football
Kohler, Isaac113.5Football
Leary, Kenley123.5Football
Lerum, Jonathan123.5Football
Manson, Marcus124.0Football
McDonald, Kale113.6Football
Nielsen, Jakob124.0Football
Scheelman, Kade103.667Football
Sherman, Jonas114.0Football
St. Pierre, Taylor123.6Football
Stenson, Jace113.6Football
Stewart, Cole123.8Football
Swan, Tasia103.5Football
Verlanic, Luke104.0Football
Verlanic, Nicholas124.0Football
Vetter, Gavin123.75Football
Worley, Cole123.5Football
Bolton, Jordyn124.0Volleyball
Burnett, Ashlyn113.833Volleyball
Cleveland, Joscelyn124.0Volleyball
Conlan, Mollee123.6Volleyball
Garrison, Kadynce93.833Volleyball
Keller, Katie123.6Volleyball
Kennis, Teagan124.0Volleyball
McGrath, Brooke123.667Volleyball
McMahon, Kennadie124.0Volleyball
Olson, Ashley123.6Volleyball
Quinn, Olivia124.0Volleyball
Rosenleaf, Laura113.667Volleyball
Breeton, Octavia113.833Cross Country
Case, McKenzie123.6Cross Country
Hutchinson, Ladd114.0Cross Country
Kovnesky, Alexandria113.5Cross Country
Stapley, David124.0Cross Country
Tomich, Ryan114.0Cross Country
Whitlock, Trey124.0Cross Country
Williams, Adam123.75Cross Country
Doyle, Riley114.0Boys Soccer
Fredlund, Zane113.667Boys Soccer
Hadley, James114.0Boys Soccer
Hursh, Grant113.8Boys Soccer
Luoma, Jack104.0Boys Soccer
Phillip, Joseph124.0Boys Soccer
Schrader, Joseph114.0Boys Soccer
Schutte, Bridger114.0Boys Soccer
Tobiness, Cameron114.0Boys Soccer
Whitlock, Reid114.0Boys Soccer
Burke, Taylor124.0Girls Soccer
Carver, Haley93.5Girls Soccer
Case, Kierra103.667Girls Soccer
Daugherty, Joziphine93.833Girls Soccer
Kemper, Aurora123.8Girls Soccer
LaPier, Madyson123.8Girls Soccer
Sholey, Catherine93.833Girls Soccer
Silk, Autumn103.833Girls Soccer
Bartoletti, Dylann93.5Golf
Hoagland, Kodie124.0Golf
Lyons, Joseph123.8Golf
Prigge, Jack114.0Golf

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