57 Bulldogs take home academic honors

Butte High School announced its Academic All-State performers for the spring , and 57 Bulldogs made the grade.

The list includes 24 members of the boys’ track team, 10 athletes from the girls’ track team, nine tennis players and 15 softball players.

To earn Academic All-State, an athlete, manager or cheerleader must earn a 3.5 GPA for the quarter and also earn a varsity letter in a sport sanctioned by the Montana High School Association.

The list of honorees follows:

Andersen, Luke123.5Boys Track
Cetraro, Braydon124.0Boys Track
Demarais, Bo104.0Boys Track
Gross, Wyatt104.0Boys Track
Gurnsey, Cameron113.5Boys Track
Hansen, Trey103.5Boys Track
Hotalen, Hunter123.5Boys Track
Kautzman, Casey124.0Boys Track
Leary, Kenley123.75Boys Track
Lyons, Joseph124.0Boys Track
Manson, Marcus124.0Boys Track
McClernan, Morgan123.75Boys Track
Muffich, Keegen123.5Boys Track
Nielsen, Jakob124.0Boys Track
Sherman, Jonas114.0Boys Track
Stapley, David124.0Boys Track
Stenson, Kyler103.833Boys Track
Stewart Cole124.0Boys Track
Tobiness, Cameron114.0Boys Track
Vetter, Gavin124.0Boys Track
Whitlock, Trey124.0Boys Track
Williams, Adam124.0Boys Track
Wilson, Braxten124.0Boys Track
Worley, Cole123.75Boys Track
Bartoletti, Dylann093.667Girls Track
Case, McKenzie123.5Girls Track
Conlan, Mollee123.8Girls Track
Foley, Delaney123.5Girls Track
Harrington, Darby093.5Girls Track
Kennis, Teagan124.0Girls Track
Kovnesky, Alexandria113.667Girls Track
McClafferty, Aili103.833Girls Track
Richards, Emmarie113.5Girls Track
Seaholm, Madison114.0Girls Track
Burnett, Ashlyn113.833Tennis
Dare, Maya104.0Tennis
Holdsworth, Thaddeus124.0Tennis
Johns, Jason094.0Tennis
Keller, Katie123.75Tennis
McGrath, Brooke124.0Tennis
Olson, Ashley124.0Tennis
Sampson, Samuel093.667Tennis
Trefts, Carley124.0Tennis
Berkopec, Shanti123.75Softball
Bolton, Jordyn124.0Softball
Cleveland, Joscelyn124.0Softball
Drakos, Tayler103.667Softball
Ferriter, Gracie093.667Softball
Ferriter, Rian113.833Softball
Godbout, Bryn113.667Softball
Hoagland, Kodie124.0Softball
Kautzman, Camille114.0Softball
LaFond, Dacelyn104.0Softball
Leary, Kamber103.667Softball
Lee, Ashby104.0Softball
Mullaney, Ashlinn094.0Softball
Stewart, Brityn094.0Softball