52 Butte High athletes named Academic All-State

Butte High released its Academic All-State winners for the 2018-19 winter sports season, and 52 Bulldogs made the grade.

To be certified Academic All-State, an athlete, manager or cheerleader must earn a varsity letter in a Montana High School Association sanctioned sport and receive a 3.5 or better GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

Those who made the cut for the Bulldogs included 14 swimmers, 13 from the wrestling program, 13 from the boys’ basketball team and 12 from girls’ basketball team.

Following is a list of all the Butte High Academic All-State winners:

Birkenbuel, Justise123.5Girls Basketball
Carpenter, Makenna114Girls Basketball
Cleveland, Jaden124Girls Basketball
Cleverly, Allyson123.667Girls Basketball
Ericson, Trisha113.5Girls Basketball
Herron, Haley114Girls Basketball
LaPier, Jordyn123.6Girls Basketball
McCarthy, McCaul103.667Girls Basketball
McGrath, Grace113.6Girls Basketball
Mortensen, Kira113.857Girls Basketball
Tierney, Brittney124Girls Basketball
Tutty, MacKenzie103.833Girls Basketball
Koppenberg, Alexys103.833Boys Basketball
Lammi, Rylee103.5Boys Basketball
Lee, Aidan103.714Boys Basketball
McCarthy, Kale124Boys Basketball
McCloskey, Dan123.5Boys Basketball
Mellott, Thomas114Boys Basketball
Merrifield, Zachary103.667Boys Basketball
Neil, Ryan103.857Boys Basketball
Olsen, Zachary113.6Boys Basketball
Petritz, Kendall103.5Boys Basketball
Phillips, Michael114Boys Basketball
Stenson, Cael103.714Boys Basketball
Vetter, Jacob123.6Boys Basketball
Amtmann, Devin123.5Swimming
Andrews, Taylor123.667Swimming
Cashell, Coby123.833Swimming
Holdsworth, Thaddeus94Swimming
Hossack, Kallie104Swimming
Ingersoll, Maire114Swimming
Kautzman, Lexie123.833Swimming
Kelly, Emily124Swimming
Murphy, Danika113.6Swimming
Real, Shayaine103.5Swimming
Russo, Catherine113.667Swimming
Russo, Isabel94Swimming
Trefts, Carley94Swimming
Trudnowski, Anna104Swimming
Anderson, Carl123.667Wrestling
Cunneen, William124Wrestling
Haberman, Gabrielle124Wrestling
Henningsen, Bradyn103.5Wrestling
Hoffman, Hannah104Wrestling
Liva, Taylor104Wrestling
Mullaney, Rylinn103.667Wrestling
Queer, William123.6Wrestling
Raiha, Ty103.571Wrestling
Sanderson, Makayla103.833Wrestling
Sherman, Christian113.833Wrestling
Sullivan, Quinn114Wrestling
Whitlock, Trey94Wrestling