45 Bulldogs take home Academic All-State honors

Butte High released its Academic All-State selections for the winter sport season, and 45 Bulldogs made the grade.

To be certified Academic All-State, an athlete, manager or cheerleader must maintain a 3.5 GPA or better and also earn a varsity letter in a sport sanctioned by the Montana High School Association.

Butte High’s honorees include 12 members of the girls’ basketball team, nine boys’ basketball players, 11 boys’ wrestlers, five girls’ wrestlers and eight swimmers.

All of the honorees follow:

Bache, Dylan93.667Boys Basketball
Demarais, Bo104.0Boys Basketball
Gurnsey, Cameron113.833Boys Basketball
Leary, Kenley123.75Boys Basketball
Liva, Kaicee103.667Boys Basketball
McCarthy, Trey93.5Boys Basketball
Sharp, Garrett103.8Boys Basketball
Sherman, Jonas114.0Boys Basketball
Watson, Alex113.833Boys Basketball
Bouley, Erynne123.75Girls Basketball
Bushman, Taylor113.8Girls Basketball
Clary, Tylar124.0Girls Basketball
Groesbeck, Brooke113.8Girls Basketball
Hoagland, Kodie124.0Girls Basketball
McGrath, Brooke123.75Girls Basketball
Olson, Ashley124.0Girls Basketball
Quist, Elli93.667Girls Basketball
Richards, Emmarie113.5Girls Basketball
Rosenleaf, Laura113.8Girls Basketball
Spear, Olivia113.5Girls Basketball
Stewart, Brityn94.0Girls Basketball
Christian, Mason114.0Boys Wrestling
Johnston, Kiyara113.8Boys Wrestling
Liva, Gianna114.0Boys Wrestling
McClernan, Morgan124.0Boys Wrestling
McEwen, Maverick103.833Boys Wrestling
Schleeman, Kade103.667Boys Wrestling
Vetter, Gavin123.5Boys Wrestling
Wagner, Brea94.0Boys Wrestling
Whitlock, Reid113.833Boys Wrestling
Whitlock, Trey124.0Boys Wrestling
Worley, Cole123.75Boys Wrestling
Bazo, Makenna113.6Girls Wrestling
Burke, Taylor123.833Girls Wrestling
Edwards, Teya114.0Girls Wrestling
LaPier, Jessie93.5Girls Wrestling
Real, Audrina103.6Girls Wrestling
Holdsworth, Thaddeus124.0Swimming
Hutchinson, Ladd114.0Swimming
Killoy, Kieyrah124.0Swimming
Kovnesky, Alexandria113.833Swimming
Luoma, Jack104.0Swimming
Mason, MaKinzie124.0Swimming
Mellot, Kershaw103.833Swimming
Trefts, Carley124.0Swimming