Hillcrest skaters defend title at School Races

The Hillcrest Hornets defended their title at the School Skating Races once again Saturday at the U.S. High Altitude Sports Center.

Butte Central boasted more individual champions, but the Hornets racked up 135 team points to take home the top trophy. The Maroons scored 117 team points. Margaret Leary placed third at 53, while Whittier took fourth at 19.

Keaghen Paddock, Autumn Silk, Will Silk and Jacob Sawyer skated to individual titles to lead the Hornets to the team title.

Chloe Wright, Giovanni Fantini, Kylie Jaksha, Jim Bradshaw and Trapper Stajcar won titles to lead the Maroons. Sage Leber and Kodye Kjersten won titles for Margaret Leary, while Madison Ericksen took home a title for Whittier.

In all, 37 skaters braved the brisk morning temperatures to represent their schools.

Team scores
1, Hillcrest 135. 2, Butte Central 117. 3, Margaret Leary 53. 4, Whittier 19.

Individual results
Kindergarten girls — 1, Sage Leber, Margaret Leary. 2, Evyn Smith, BC. 3, Molly McGillan, BC.

Kindergarten boys —1, Kodye Kjersten, Margaret Leary. 2, Jett Holman, Hillcrest.

First grade girls —1, Chloe Wright BC. 2, Avery Santifer, Hillcrest. 3, Haleigh Huntsmen, Hillcrest.

First grade boys — 1, Giovanni Fantini, BC. 2, Joe Bradshaw, BC. 3,Carson Gillis, BC.

Second grade girls —1, Kylie Jaksha, BC. 2, Tatum Giacomino, Hillcrest. 3, Bridget Ericksen-Whittier.

Second grade boys — 1, Trapper Stajcar, BC. 2.Shane Schalk, BC.

Third grade girls — 1, Keaghen Paddock, Hillcrest.

Third grade boys — 1, Jim Bradshaw, Central. 2, Mason Leber, Margaret Leary. 3, Kyler Kjersten, Margaret Leary. 4 (tie),  Aiden Ossella, Margaret Leary. 4 (tie), Zach Sawyer, Hillcrest. 6 (tie), Robby Holman, Hillcrest. 6 (tie) Dylan Ericksen, Whittier.

Fourth grade girls — 1, Autumn Silk, Hillcrest. 2, Emry Lee, Hillcrest. 3, Harlee Muffich, Hillcrest. 4, Grace Schalk, BC. 5, Lily Jaksha, BC.

Fourth grade boys — 1.Will Silk, Hillcrest. 2, Kaleb Paddock, Hillcrest. 3, Aidan Rohret, Hillcrest. 4., Luke Odell, Hillcrest. 5.Tyson Zeren, Hillcrest.

Fifth grade boys — 1, Jacob Sawyer, Hillcrest. 2, Sean Ossello, Margaret Leary.

Sixth grade girls — 1, Madison Ericksen, Whittier.

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