2024 Southwest Montana High School Basketball All Star rosters see 12 names from the Mining City

Butte High Butte Central

The rosters for the 2024 Southwest Montana High School All Star classic were selected today; Butte will see 12 players from Butte High and Butte Central take the court in the game that will be held March 12 at the MAC in Butte.

The girls will get the night going at 5:30 and the boys will play at 7. The selection process took place at the Butte Chamber of Commerce. Players were nominated by their schools, and rosters were selected by a committee of sport writers, broadcasters, and media personnel.

For the girls the Mining City will have Selene Morrell, Brityn Stewart, and Cadence Graham from Butte High. From Central Mollie Drew and Catherine Lalicker will join forces on the Big Sky girls’ team.

The boys will have a good mix of players including Bo Demarais, Reuso Battermann, Tocher Lee, and Hudson Luedtke of BHS while Butte Central sharpshooter Owen McPartland, Jack Keeley, and Zane Moodry will help round out the boys Big Sky team.

Bulldogs Dylan Bache, and Torre Tempel were selected as alternates with the likes of BC’s Josh Sutton and Ryan Peoples. Tickets for the game can be bought at the Chamber of Commerce on March 12th or you may go online and click here >>> Tickets

Tickets will also be available for purchase at the MAC on gameday.


Big Sky Boys
Bo Demarais, Butte High
Russo Batterman, Butte High
Tocher Lee, Butte High
Hudson Ludtke, Butte High
Jack Keeley, Butte Central
Zane Moodry, Butte Central
Owen McPartland, Butte Central
Dalton Noble, Jefferson
Cade Cathey, Sheridan
Trey Schrank, Sheridan
Cody Gould, West Yellowstone
Hayden Turner, West Yellowstone

Big Sky boys Alternates
Dylan Bache, Butte High
Torre Temple, Butte High
Josh Sutton, Butte Central
Ryan Peoples, Butte Centra
Hunter Stevens, Jefferson
Colt Tietje, Jefferson
Kynd Hildreth, Lima
Garet Lessley, Lima
Kyler Theis, Sheridan
Jacob Mann, Sheridan

Big Sky girls
Selene Morrell, Butte High
Brityn Stewart, Butte High
Cadence Graham, Butte High
Mollie Drew, Butte Central
Kathryn Lallicker, Butte Central
Arena Paler, Jefferson
Mackenzie Layng, Jefferson
Allie Dale, Twin Bridges
Emma Konen, Twin Bridges
Kyle Pancost, Twin Bridges
Ariel Spense, West Yellowstone
Tiara Norris, West Yellowstone

Big Sky girls Alternates
Cameron Toney, Jefferson
Brooklyn Miller, Jefferson
Ryian Eveland, Jefferson
Ayla Janzen, Twin Bridges
Ellie Meek, Twin Bridges

Treasure State-Boys 
River Hurley, Anaconda
Cael Mikalatos, Anaconda
Wade Dahood, Anaconda
Carter Curnow, Dillon
Kyle Engellant, Dillon
Max Davis, Dillon
Brody Rasor, Drummond
Clinton Bryan, Ennis
Andrew Bacon, Harrison
Gavin Hokerson, Harrison
Aaron Defrance, Harrison
Campbell Smith, Whitehall

Treasure State boys Alternates
Billy Farmer, Anaconda
Tyton Cook, Anaconda
Kee Christianson, Dillon
Cooper Anderson, Dillon
Scott Parke, Drummond
Trey Phillips, Drummond
JJ Lee, Philipsburg
Jacob Dauenhauer, Philipsburg
Martin Puig Pavon, Philipsburg
Brody Hunter, Deer Lodge
Shawn Lombardi, Deer Lodge
Gideon Rubink, Deer Lodge
Kaiden Becky, Deer Lodge
Caymen Herrick, Deer Lodge
Landon Freeman, Deer Lodge
Gavin French, Whitehall

Treasure State Girls
Makena Patrick, Anaconda
Maniyah Lunceford, Anaconda
Meela Mitchell, Anaconda
Sydney Peterson, Dillon
Halle Fitzgerald, Dillon
Kenleigh Graham, Dillon
Kimber Palsons, Drummond
Marissa Snider, Ennis
Mikendila Ledgewood, Ennis
Montannah Pier, Philipsburg
Taryn Lamb, Deer Lodge
Lindsey Briggs, Whitehall

Treasure State girls Alternates
Leila Stennerson, Dillon
Kylie Konen, Dillon
Lexi Nelson, Drummond
Remington Cline, Drummond
Ramsey Smith, Philipsburg
Ella Tallon, Philipsburg
Allison Hathaway, Deer Lodge
Ashlynd Brown, Deer Lodge