Eight RMMA students receive Black Belts

Eight RMMA students receive Black Belts
Eight RMMA students received their Black Belts Wednesday at the Chef’s Garden. They are (front row left to right) Neela Grinolds and Montana Parker; (back row left to right) school owner Sara Lightner, Erin McLaughlin, Sam Byrnes, Brok Martin, Cheyanne Parks, Savannah Parks, Lauren Powers and head instructor Master Jim Miller. (Courtesy photo)

Eight young Rocky Mountain Martial Arts students received their Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Black Belt certificates during a banquet at Chef’s Garden restaurant in Butte on Wednesday.

The eight new Black Belt students are Montana Parker, 10, Neela Grinolds, 11, Lauren Powers, 11, Cheyanne Parks, 13, Savannah Parks, 13, Erin McLaughlin, 14, Sam Byrnes, 14 and Brok Martin, 14.

Kukkiwon is the only world governing body for Taekwondo and the holders of their certificates can join in any WTF sanctioned event in the world including World Olympics tryouts. The certificates also help them in college entry and job resumes. It is an asset that stays with them for a lifetime.

The eight students have gone through almost a college course to reach their goal including several years of study and training culminating in 6 months of intense training and a test of about 5 hours. They have not been taught to fight but to have the confidence enough to recognize trouble and deal with it in the safest way possible but if it came to it they are more than capable to defend themselves.

They are actually kind and polite and are eager to help others yet keep an eye open to critical thinking. They will be an asset to our community or wherever they go

— Story submitted by RMMA

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